• Joint Pain
    Joint Health in Old Age

    Our bones tend to get weak and our joints begin to damage as we age. While degenerative changes are a part of natural aging, there are many steps we can take as we grow older to ensure...

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    Healthy Joints are Essential to an Active Lifestyle

    Sore, stiff joints can discourage activity and exercise, and inactivity can make the problem even worse. Our joints keep us moving and keeping them healthy means movement and nutrition. October is Bone and Joint Health National Awareness Month,...

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  • athletic woman holding shoulder
    How to Keep Your Joints Healthy

    By Andrew Watson – We often take our joints for granted when we’re young. As we age we learn how important joint health is and how much it can affect our quality of life if we have problems...

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  • Inflammation and Cardiovascular Risks

    Inflammation is Good for You? It’s true—inflammation is generally a normal, healthy response of the body. It’s the body’s natural response to damage or irritants. Inflammation might kick in because of physical trauma, anything from a splinter...

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