• Job
    How To Enjoy Your Job More

    Going to work can get tiring and become overwhelming if you dislike your job or employer. However, it’s possible that it’s your outlook and attitude that’s holding you back from enjoying your current position. Be glad to...

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  • Midlife Career Change
    The Pros and Cons of a Midlife Career Change

    If you’re considering a midlife career change, you may be feeling pretty alone in your employment tribulations. For many in their 50s, their peers are getting closer to retirement than they are to a change in their...

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  • Righteous Whining?

    By Shari Johnson – Surely I was justified, I’m the Jesus Chick…From Whining to Winning! I read about an interview in years gone where Barbara Walters interviewed Barbara Bush. And in true Walters form she asked questions...

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