• glamping
    Where to Go for the Ultimate Ladies Glamping Getaway

    Yes, we all appreciate spending time in the great outdoors. But we don’t need to sacrifice comfort so we can go out in the woods and marvel at the beauty of nature. If you’re planning a nature...

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  • portugal
    The Best Things to Do in Portugal for Couples in Their 50s

    You may have heard many times that 50 is the new 30, and rightfully so. At this age, your kids are already older and more independent. And with only a few years left before your retirement, it’s...

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  • luxury islands
    Top 5 Must-Visit Luxury Islands for Retirement

    Finally, you are retired – no more waiting for annual vacation and having to force yourself back to work after only a few days off. The time has come to make your dream holiday come true. After...

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  • ranch vacation
    Tips for Planning and Taking a Ranch Vacation this Summer

    If you’re looking forward to taking some time off work this summer or just want a change of scenery after traveling less in recent years, it can be hard deciding where to go and what type of...

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  • travel
    Important Travel Tips for Women Over 50

    Traveling can be an enjoyable experience for anyone, regardless of age. But senior travelers need extra planning and caution before leaving home to ensure they have a hitch-free vacation. Keep reading to discover essential travel tips for...

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  • Praia da Luz
    Three must-visit spots in Praia da Luz

    Nestled along the western edge of the Algarve, Praia da Luz is a beautiful and serene resort town. Only 5km away from the bustling city of Lagos, Praia da Luz offers a seaside escape for all. Its...

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  • traveling wheels
    All-Inclusive Traveling Wheels

    Yearning to travel again, the nostalgic romance of riding the rails kept skirting through my mind. Why not travel our nation by train? I convinced my husband and two sons to join me on this quest.  Donning...

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  • visit spain
    5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Spain this Winter

    Autumn is finally here in the Northern Hemisphere marking the end of the summer months. Trees are starting to shed their leaves in preparation for the winter months. It is starting to get chilly, and the nights...

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  • traveling experience
    Getting the Most Out of Your Traveling Experience

    Going on vacation or planning to do some globe-trotting for a few months or years? Either way, traveling to somewhere new is a very exciting experience that has a lot to offer. Learning about different cultures, sampling...

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  • virtual travel
    The Best Virtual Travel Ideas for When You are Stuck at Home

    Virtual travel is all the rage at the moment. The ongoing coronavirus crisis has made this kind of travel not only popular but also necessary. The Covid-19 pandemic brought plans for international trips in 2020 to an...

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  • safari
    Reasons to go on a Safari Vacation?

    Going on a safari tour can be a unique and unforgettable experience and there are a number of reasons why it should be your next vacation choice. It Allows You to Escape to Nature This type of vacation allows you...

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  • Horseback Safari
    Horseback Safari in South Africa

    There is nothing more breathtaking than seeing a wild animal in their natural environment. I have been fortunate to be on an African safari before. Driving in a vehicle, on the lookout for the animals, we were...

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