• Sash Windows
    Why You Should Consider Sash Windows For Your Home

    If the eyes are the window to the soul, your windows are one of the most important elements in helping curate the very soul of your home’s interior. It’s your connection with the world outside, allowing in...

    • Posted 2 months ago
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  • Interior design
    How to Work With an Interior Designer

    With design inspiration and accessible home goods at the fingertips of today’s consumers, interior designers have evolved their roles and services to meet customer demands.  But how to select an interior designer or design firm to best suit...

    • Posted 3 months ago
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  • Kitchen
    5 Things to Consider When Renovating Your Kitchen

    The kitchen is normally seen as the hub of your home, space where you prepare food, eat meals, and gather as a family. Then, when renovating your kitchen, there are a few important aspects that you need...

    • Posted 5 months ago
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  • Home Makeover
    Your Guide to a Complete Home Makeover

    Redesigning the areas in your home might prove to be a challenging task that will take weeks of preparation and maybe even months of installation. To keep your priorities in check, here are some tips to keep...

    • Posted 8 months ago
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  • Downsizing your home
    Thinking About Downsizing?

    Let’s unpack the pluses and minuses of deciding to downsize your home. There are a lot of reasons to consider downsizing your home: as you approach retirement, to make future moves easier, to live a less stressful /...

    • Posted 9 months ago
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  • Host Thanksgiving
    8 Tips to Host Thanksgiving in a Small Apartment

    Thanksgiving dinner can be enjoyed in any sized space, with whatever furniture and resources you have. Thanksgiving in a small apartment is possible and there are plenty of tips that can help you make the most of...

    • Posted 11 months ago
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  • Downsizing With Style

    By Karen Olsen, The Decorating Diva – The revival of “less is more” has influenced many people to reevaluate their lifestyle and downsize their homes.  Downsizing is the newest trend in decorating with décor that is more...

    • Posted 1 year ago
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  • Fashionable Makeover Ideas for Your Bedroom

    As our bedrooms are our home’s most private spaces, they can all too often become neglected and merely become somewhere to sleep and store clothes. So if you’re looking to give your bedroom a bit of love,...

    • Posted 2 years ago
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  • The Beginner’s Guide to Planning the Right Closet for a Room

    By Korie Cantor— The truth about planning the right bedroom closet is that it doesn’t matter if the space is big or small, the key is to use that space as efficiently as possible. Narrow down your...

    • Posted 3 years ago
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  • 3 Items to get rid of when you're downsizing
    3 Items to Get Rid of When You’re Downsizing

    Downsizing to a smaller place is, no pun intended, a big move. The shift represents a change in your lifestyle from having space for everything to space for only a few possessions. This time is an excellent...

    • Posted 3 years ago
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  • 8 Tips for Decorating Your Front Porch

    By Millie Rainer – It is said that the first impression is the last impression. Well, if that’s true then I say that the first impression better be a lasting impression. Just like you like to look...

    • Posted 4 years ago
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  • Spring Cleaning? Don’t Forget to Upgrade These 7 Items

    By Michaela Kajiwara – Spring Cleaning is a home’s rite of passage and transformation from what was starting to feel like a dingy, winter hovel into a fresh and open space veritably bursting with order and cleanliness....

    • Posted 5 years ago
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