• Healing Prevails Through 1941 Saturday Evening Post Story

    By Bonnie Carroll— If we are lucky we have had amazing women in our family who loved us, taught us and inspired us to become the women we are today, and I am a member this lucky...

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    Stress, Impress or Bless

    By Heidi McLaughlin – I felt offended.  My spiritual gift evaluation showed that my strengths emerged in the area of hospitality. “How shallow and frivolous is that?” I thought.  “I want my top spiritual gifts to be...

    • Posted 9 years ago
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  • Two Simple Steps To Style Esteem

    Your true style begins with the inner work. In the beginning of my career I would teach women about their best cuts, colors and styles and then run into them months later and cringe. I was not...

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  • The Gift of Kindness

    By Dr. Jo Anne White – In the midst of changing times and uncertainty, it’s necessary to shift our focus, taking stock of what’s important in our – family, friends, community, spirituality and health. When our lives...

    • Posted 11 years ago
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  • The Sadness of Holidays

    By Linda Menesez – Do you ever walk down neighborhood streets at night, and think about the warm glowing scenes you see through the uncovered windows? I do! I like to imagine the happiness inside those homes! Sometimes,...

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