• mind games
    7 Mind Games Women Over 50 Need to Look Out For

    Our thoughts shape our words and actions and thus our reality. Some of the ways that women over 50 play mind games include, problem-seeking, storytelling, and a judging mind. These mind games keep us anxious, depressed, and...

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  • Happy
    10 Tips for Women Over 50 to Get Their Happy On

    At first, the memes about the year 2020 were funny. It felt that the only way to deal with the quarantine and feel happy was to laugh at what was the year of 2020. As the year...

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  • self-esteem
    3 Ways To Boost Your Self-Esteem After 50

    For some odd reason, many people end up feeling less self-assured as they get older. With all of their life experience, it would make sense that people over 50 would have high self-esteem and confidence in themselves....

    • Posted 4 weeks ago
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  • addiction
    5 Tips to Help You Cope With Your Adult Child’s Addiction

    Watching your loved one go through an alcohol or drug addiction is an extremely upsetting and scary situation. This is especially true if this loved one is your child, even if they are an adult. However, there...

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  • Addiction
    What to Do When Addiction Has Become a Problem

    The onset of an addiction can be a slow burn. It can be hard to tell if a loved one is addicted to a substance until there are clear physical, mental, and social signs and side effects....

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  • Addiction
    How Families Can Help an Addicted Loved One

    Helping a loved one through a period of addiction is difficult even under the best circumstances, and the circumstances are rarely ideal. People suffering from addiction may be in denial about the severity of their situation, and...

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