• Argan oil
    The Benefits of Argan Oil for Your Hair

    What happened when I turned 50? It seemed almost overnight that the wrinkles were more evident and my hair was dry and dull. The bodies of women over 50 starts to show the signs of the years...

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  • boosting collagen
    The Benefits of Boosting Collagen for Women Over 50

    In order to understand the benefits of boosting collagen, we should first know what collagen is. Collagen is a vital protein providing strength and structure to the body. Collagen is found in our muscles, tendons, bones, skin,...

    • Posted 3 weeks ago
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  • Hair stylish
    Tips for Keeping Your Hair Stylish at Any Age

    As you’ve gotten older, your hair’s become more difficult to manage. It’s drier, it gets tangled easily, and it doesn’t have that same bounce and luster as it did when you were in your twenties. Sometimes you...

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  • over-styled
    Women Over 50 With Over-Styled Hair

    It may seem like a good idea for women over 50 to use a flat iron or curling iron daily to achieve an amazing hairstyle. This practice can severely damage your hair causing the strands to break....

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  • female pattern baldness
    Female Pattern Baldness: Ultimate Guide for Women Over 50

    Have you noticed your hair thinning at a faster rate than you can ever remember? Maybe your part has started widening and your scalp is showing a bit more than normal. If this applies to you, then...

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  • Hair health
    Hair Health Over 50: Prevent Hair Loss and Combat Hair Thinning

    Are you noticing that your hair is thinner and more difficult to grow? Many women over 50 notice a difference in the health, length, and thickness of their hair after 50. Menopause and the changes in your...

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  • woman holding hairbrush
    Hair Loss – Not Just a Male Issue

    By Beth Havey – Hair loss, or thinning hair, is a condition no one wants – especially women. My hair is very fine and I don’t have a lot of it.  I envy women with thick, luxurious hair and...

    • Posted 7 years ago
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  • The Top 5 Foods for Healthy Hair

    Life & Beauty Weekly: Healthy You By Holly Crawford for Life & Beauty Weekly   For most of us, when it comes to taking care of our hair, the usual maintenance routine involves frequent washing, conditioning, styling...

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