• Look Fabulous Over 50 and Beyond

    The number one reason why you might not look fabulous over 50 is because you lack selfcare. Selfcare is one of those things we as women push off because we don’t have time for it. Family, home,...

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  • Hair Growth
    Best Natural Hair Growth Remedies

    If you’re on the hunt for the best natural hair growth remedies to combat hair loss, LivingBetter50 is the right place! We have found some natural remedies and products ideal for women over 50 looking to combat hair...

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  • Ready to Change Your Hair Color? Try Spring 2017's Hottest Colors
    Ready to Change Your Hair Color? Try these Hottest Colors

    As a woman, your hair is your signature. Before you even speak, your hair says something about you, and your style and color make a statement. If you’re ready for a change, check out these hottest hair...

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  • Top 6 Drugstore Beauty Products

    Blog By Elena Donovan Mauer for Completely You – Have you paid off your credit card? If your balance was anywhere near as big as mine was (believe me, it was big), I’m sure you’ll agree it...

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  • Winter Hair Care: 5 Tips for Beautiful Tresses

    Completely You: Appearance By Stacy Baker for Completely You Your hair has managed to survive summer and fall, but now it’s time for the real challenge: winter. Cold weather brings its own hair difficulties (i.e., dryness), which...

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  • Summer Hair Care

    By JoAnn Kohut – Nothing feels better than those first few weeks of summer when we step outside, feeling the warm air embrace us.  While our thoughts begin to think about the wonderful things that go along...

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