• Joy
    Count It All Joy

    As we approach Memorial Day let us take a moment to, count it all joy! We live in a nation where we can go to the church of our choosing and worship God. This nation was founded...

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  • take out the garbage laying things down at cross
    Take Out The Trash

    By Kim Chaffin– Once a week my husband rolls the garbage can to the end of the driveway to be picked up by the garbage truck. Some weeks we have so much garbage that my husband can...

    • Posted 7 years ago
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  • Robin Hood, Saul and Freedom

    Note: The Robin Hood part was written in early July during my surgery convalescence when I had the opportunity to watch movies, i.e. Robin Hood – all versions, but especially my favorite. I kept wondering what God...

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  • A Taste of German History

    Gene and I spent two days in Berlin in July while awaiting the arrival of our second International Messengers ministry team. While there we took a tour of East Berlin. The guide, a 30-something Brit named Barnaby,...

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  • Raising Sons and Daughters of Liberty

    It would seem our nation today resembles more of the colonies of early America, pre-Independence. Those Sons of Liberty – who dumped tea into the Boston Harbor, Sons of Liberty like Paul Revere who road through the...

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  • Completely Whole: Celebrate Me-Excerpt

    By Paulette Harper – As I share with you an excerpt from Completely Whole may you realize that God is not done with you yet! Even with all the issues, issues that we constantly magnify, and we...

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