• best beaches
    Best Beaches to Visit in the USA

    With summer coming to an end you may be feeling that you didn’t get to the beach enough. With the spring and summer travel restrictions and quarantines, you may not have visited the best beaches quite as...

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  • Florida Keys
    Visiting the Florida Keys

    There are many wonders throughout the world worth seeing. They are breathtaking and inspiring. Looking around you will see many wonders in the Florida Keys too. If you haven’t been yet, out the Florida Keys on your...

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  • Delray Beach
    Delray Beach – Village by the Sea

    Delray Beach, Florida is America’s village by the sea. It has a great mixture of small town charm with a bustling main street featuring many clothing boutiques, art galleries and restaurants. Forget the car rental, everything here...

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  • St Augustine
    Tips for Touring St Augustine, Florida

    St Augustine, Florida is one of America’s most romantic cities. A city to be savored, it is best explored on foot. Forget about your car and stroll along narrow streets admiring the houses of the US’s oldest...

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  • Dinners with Joy in Clearwater, Florida

    By Norine Rae – Summer vacations can be filled with lots of fun activities that can leave you needing a vacation after your vacation. Instead of being exhausted, my summer adventure to Clearwater Beach, Florida was more...

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  • Reversing Disease: Pritikin’s Weekend

    By J. Kat Loren– I drove past the beautiful sprawling golf course of Miami’s Trump National Doral Resort and turned into the spa entrance, trusting that the Pritikin Program was tucked inside someplace along the winding driveway....

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  • 8 Great U.S. Vacation Spots for Boomers

    By M. Simpson− When you’re 50 or older, the last thing you want on your long-awaited and much-deserved vacation, is to suddenly discover you’ve been tossed together in a beach hotel with two thousand college students partying...

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  • Spa and Travel Review: Ocean Key Resort & Spa (Key West, Florida)

    By Michele McIntyre – Some addresses are notoriously famous; so well known that their mere utterance spark images of their fame and what lies behind their doors: Fifth Avenue, Rodeo Drive, Wall Street. In Key West, the...

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