• Best Fitness Classes for Runners

    By Cassidy Barney – Are you a runner? You may be hoping to achieve your personal best or just training for a marathon. It is a good form of exercise for your body and your health in...

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  • Low Intensity Interval Training: Better Results by Doing Less?

    By Renee Holcomb— Irony alert: The things you think you need to do in order to be fit are actually making it harder for you to achieve fitness. The modern view of fitness, simply put, is that...

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  • Seniors and Obesity: Four Steps to Reverse an Alarming Trend
    Seniors and Obesity: Four Steps to Reverse an Alarming Trend

    By Susan Fitts, business development director, Colonial Lindale, a StoneGate Senior Living community and Angela Norris, RN, senior vice president, business development, StoneGate Senior Living— StoneGate Senior Living is a leading provider of rehabilitation, skilled nursing, assisted living,...

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  • 7 Easy Ways to Incorporate Physical Activity into Your Life

    By Zyana Morris— With a relatively ‘tech-friendly’ life, it is hard to move around, and our ‘tight’ work and home schedules only make things more challenging. Surprisingly adult obesity prevalence in the world reached 30% in 2016. Similarly,...

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  • Running Well After the Big Five-Oh

    By Richard Ferguson— There are masters runners who perform amazing feats. Ed Whitlock, at age 73, ran the Toronto Waterfront Marathon in 2:54:49. Rae Baymiller came within a minute of qualifying for the Olympic trial for the marathon...

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  • Tips to Stay Active Over 60

    By Erika Rosenthal– Hey there, 60-somethings! This decade is a time for you to be active and enjoy your golden years. If you have always been active, staying active will be easy. If you have been leading...

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  • 5 Tips for Preventing Flu This Winter

    By Heather Lomax— When the weather begins to grow cooler, that’s usually about the same time you start to notice the people around you sniffling and coughing and missing work. While no plan is fool-proof against the...

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  • Stay in Shape with an Activity Tracker App
    Stay in Shape with an Activity Tracker App

    By Mike Cosmin— Many new technologies have emerged over the years to help us improve our state of health. Practically, our health lies in our own hands considering the number of smart phone apps and devices designed...

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  • The How To and Why To Exercise As We Get Older

    By Debbie Siebers, health and wellness expert and creator of at home workouts such as Slim in 6 and Body Dynamix— Getting older and waking up with all kinds of new aches and pains isn’t fun. However,...

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  • 7 Exercises that Help to Deal with Joint Pain

    By Sophie Addison – Physical complication such as joint pain can be very disturbing and can make someone uncomfortable during routine daily activities. Physical complications can result from injuries or diseases like arthritis. These complications make one...

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