• Goodbye Flabby Arms
    Say Goodbye to Flabby Arms – Toning After 50

    Flabby arms can make you lose confidence and feel terrible about yourself. As we age, it feels impossible to get rid of flabby arms. Before we can help with solutions, we should first understand what causes the...

    • Posted 1 year ago
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  • 10 Balancing Exercises for Baby Boomers

    10 Balancing Excersises for Baby Boomers – As we age, we may begin to notice changes in our ability to maintain good balance. Balancing issues can result in falls and injuries that can immobilize us. For this...

    • Posted 10 years ago
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  • 4 Minute Fat Blaster for all Fitness Levels

    In order to modify workouts for beginners, do fewer circuits or fewer reps. Before you know it, you’ll be doing the complete workout. Stick with us and get into the best shape of your life! If you’re...

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