• Look Fabulous Over 50 and Beyond

    The number one reason why you might not look fabulous over 50 is because you lack selfcare. Selfcare is one of those things we as women push off because we don’t have time for it. Family, home,...

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  • Exercise
    Elderly Exercise: The Top Myths Debunked

    While there’s no doubt that the human body changes considerably as we age, at the same time, it can be said that there are several misconceptions also arise about aging. Contrary to popular belief, you are still a...

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  • Life After 50: Think You’re Too Old to Do This? Think Again!

    Not long ago, I came across an article about exercise, health and longevity. The opening paragraph made me smile: “For people who exercise but fret that they really should be working out more, new studies may be...

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