• Testosterone
    Testosterone For Women, Estrogen For Men? Wrong Levels Bring Problems

    You don’t normally think of women needing testosterone and men needing estrogen. But when those levels drop for women and men, respectively, or are way out of balance, a wide range of symptoms may be suffered. Fortunately,...

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  • Estrogen Lelvels
    When Last Did Your Doctor Test Your Estrogen Levels?

    When last did your doctor test your estrogen levels? Estrogen levels can be lower than needed for various reasons throughout the course of your life, however women going through and beyond menopause are almost certainly going to...

    • Posted 4 weeks ago
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  • Breast Cancer Survivorship: A Focus on Menopause Management, Intimacy, & Quality of Life

    As great progress is being made every day in curing or significantly controlling many cancers, survivorship is becoming an increasingly important concept and consideration when treating cancer patients. Breast cancer is the most common female cancer with...

    • Posted 7 months ago
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  • Why We Get More UTIs as We Age, and What Can We Do About It

    By Jenna Ryan– What factors put you at greater risk, and what can you do to prevent UTIs as you age?  As we grow older, our risk of developing UTIs increases. Some of this risk increases gradually...

    • Posted 10 months ago
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  • Is It Better To Go Through Menopause Naturally?

    By Dr. Marina Johnson – Menopause simply means the end of a woman’s ability to bear children. In 1900 the average age of menopause was 51 just like it is today BUT in 1900 the average life...

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  • So Goes it with Estrogens

    By Dr. Angela DeRosa – The media is at it again…scaring women about hormones and doing it in a fashion that I would consider negligent. It seems every week there is a new article or publication claiming...

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  • 10 Ways to Lower Risk of Breast Cancer

    By Staness Jonekos – Why don’t most women perform monthly breast exams? I confess, I have done three self-breast exams in my entire life! Considering I have spent a lifetime on birth control pills to manage endometriosis...

    • Posted 8 years ago
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