• 5 Ways Successful People Beat Discouragement

    By Rita Schulte— Have you ever wondered why we get so upset when things don’t go as we painstakingly plan in life? You may be thinking, that’s a stupid question, it’s normal to be upset when things...

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  • Daily Devotional
    March 29, 2017-Leaving the Land of Disappointment

    By Sharon Jaynes─ Today’s Truth Early on the first day of the week, while it was still dark, Mary Magdalene went to the tomb and saw that the stone had been removed from the entrance, (John 20:1...

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  • Are “The Five Big D’s” Hindering Your Joy?

    By Sheryl Young – At some time or another, each of us might struggle with an unfulfilled dream, an empty nest, wayward children, or life just seeming to pass by. We put on happy faces and pretend...

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  • Can I Get A Boost?

    Taken from, This is for YOU!: 31 Days of Life Changing Discoveries By Katrina Spigner – MY SON BEGAN his first year of college in mid-August. Although he was able to take many items with him from...

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  • Beyond Disappointment

    By Beverly Lewis – When I was a kid, I loved a game show Monty Hall hosted called “Let’s Make a Deal.” There were always 3 curtains (or doors) to choose from and if you picked the...

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