• Credit Score
    What Is the Highest Credit Score That Matters?

    You hear a lot of people brag about having perfect credit, but what does that really mean? It’s not likely they all have credit scores of exactly 850, the theoretical maximum. It’s possible some do, but that...

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  • Used Item
    Used Items that are Still Worth Your Money

    You do not need to buy new items all the time. You can still find used items or open box products are cheaper than their brand-new counterparts and are still worth the money. You need to be...

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  • Retirement planning
    6 Tips for Retirement Planning After 50

    In your 50s and beyond, you’re inching closer and closer to retirement age. You can start receiving some retirement benefits once you hit 62, and many people retire then or within a few years afterward. No matter where...

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  • Why Are We In Debt?
    Why Are We In Debt?

    Debt can have a huge impact on our lives and can cause serious problems if it gets out of hand. There are a wide range of effective debt solutions available, but we need to be aware of...

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  • debt - the less you owe, the more you live
    Debt – The Less You Owe, The More You Live

    By Jeff Davidson – Think back to your high school and college history classes: can you recall a nation in the history of the earth that accumulated huge deficits over a prolonged period of time, lacked a...

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  • 30 Blogs With Tips for Keeping Christmas Simple

    It may be called the “Most Wonderful Time of the Year,” but it can easily become the most stressful time of the year for busy families who are struggling to make ends meet. Between managing the time-consuming...

    • Posted 4 years ago
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  • Money, Debt and Stress

    By Lynn Hayes – My school district offered the services of a financial advisor, and I visited her several times before deciding to retire.  After teaching ten-year-olds for 35 years, I was looking forward to depositing my...

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  • Drenda Keese
    Drenda Keesee: Challenging a New Generation of Women Through the Media

    By Kathleen Cooke – Drenda Keesee is using the media to help women discover their God given potential.  Her new weekly program “Drenda” (Drenda.com) is broadcast on numerous national TV networks like ABC Family Channel.  Her book...

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  • image of man looking over dollar bill
    An Impending Financial Disaster?

    By Carol L. Doyel You may or may not believe that we’re in for a financial disaster if we don’t figure out how to fix our debt problem and resolve the funding issues with Social Security as well as the...

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  • The Big, Bad Impact of Student Loan Debt

    By Penelope Lemov – A little–perhaps a lot–of sympathy may be in order here. Our children and their friends are coming out of college and graduate school drowning in debt and buffeted by woes that ripple out...

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  • April Is Financial Literacy Month: Do You Know Where Your Money Is Going?

    By Patricia Stallworth – April is National Financial Literacy Month and a study released by the National Foundation for Credit Counseling and the Network Branded Prepaid Card Association showed that 42% of Americans give themselves a C,...

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  • One Small Step for Boomers

    By Beth Havey – Feeling overwhelmed? I am. The boomer highway is full of worries and tasks and when I’m on the net or tuning into TV or radio it’s job loss, foreclosures, floods, tornadoes and our...

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