• Tips To Improve Your Relationship With Your Daughter-in-Law

    Do you want to create a better understanding and reduce tension? If these are a few of the questions that frequently enter your mind, then read on for some answers. Mothers Are Always Mothers I’d like to attempt...

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  • Mother-in-Law chronicles
    The Mother-in-Law Chronicles II: Boundary Setting for Better Blending

    In the previous post on The Mother-In-Law Chronicles, we discussed how the bride and groom each left their family – she legally, he spiritually because he was integral to his family congruity due to inheritance laws. The...

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  • mother-in-law chronicles wedding canopy
    The Mother-in-Law Chronicles: Under the Canopy and into the Community

    This is the first post in a series on the relationship between mother-in-laws and their daughter-in-laws as shown through the bible. While some stopping by might not have the MIL/DIL relationship  as described biblically, I encourage you...

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  • Marilyn Monroe
    My Mother-in-Law – Norma Jean

    By Carol Doyel – Okay, Marilyn Monroe is not my mother-in-law, but my mother -in-law’s name is Norma Jean.  In looking back over the years of my relationship with Norma, there were times that it was obvious we...

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