• Breast Cancer
    What I Wish I Had During My Breast Cancer Journey

    I come from a long line of women affected by breast cancer. My grandmother, all of her four sisters and my mother were all diagnosed with breast cancer. I was diagnosed at 40 years old with a...

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  • Breast Cancer Survivorship: A Focus on Menopause Management, Intimacy, & Quality of Life

    As great progress is being made every day in curing or significantly controlling many cancers, survivorship is becoming an increasingly important concept and consideration when treating cancer patients. Breast cancer is the most common female cancer with...

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  • October: Breast Cancer Awareness Month

    By M. Simpson – As some of you may know, October is breast cancer awareness month. We at LivingBetter50 feel it’s important to take this opportunity to share stories of hope and survival, talk about early detection...

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  • Swimwear Post Surgery

    It can be very challenging indeed to find underwear and swimsuits following surgery. I was asked recently by a friend if I could recommend anything suitable.   I spent some time doing research on the Internet and...

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