• Fairmont Olympic
    The Fairmont Olympic–Seattle’s Legendary, Luxury Hotel

    For 95 years, the Fairmont Olympic Hotel has redefined downtown sophistication with its long-standing reputation as Seattle’s finest hideaway. Opened in 1924, the Fairmont Olympic Hotel continues to define the level of luxury accommodations in Seattle. What’s...

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  • A Journey to My Past, Present and Future

    By Prudence Lay – Although Christmas is past for another few months, I am reminded of the story “A Christmas Carol” as I think about a recent journey God sent me on. Now, I am no Ebenezer...

    • Posted 10 years ago
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  • Getting Your Best Travel Sleep

    By Doris Gallan – The value of a good nights’ sleep, we’re told, cannot be undervalued. I say, double that when traveling. Without peaceful rest, you can hardly be expected to explore all day, absorb tons of...

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  • making memories
    Making Memories of a Lifetime

    By Donna L. Hull— Climbing the steep steps of China’s Great Wall – you think it’s a memory that you’ll never forget. However, the sharpness of the experience fades over time. But you’re one of the lucky...

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  • Wildlife Adventure in Botswana

    By Doris Gallan – I never gave much thought to the African country of Botswana. Probably couldn’t have found it on a map. Little did I know that this is the home of the Kalahari Desert and...

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