• great skin
    10 Closely-Guarded Secrets of Moms With Great Skin

    There are many things that women and moms, no matter what their age or financial situation, can do to keep their skin healthy and glowing. Good lifestyle habits and using the correct products go a long way...

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  • Immune System
    7 Ways to Boost Your Immune System at Home

    Getting sick is never pleasant, but many people could be doing more to help their bodies overcome infection. The human immune system is truly impressive, but its effectiveness waxes and wanes depending on how the body is...

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  • Layering skincare
    Is Layering Skincare Products Safe for Women Over 50?

    Layering skincare products can help drive nutrients deeper into the skin.  A healthy skin care routine is key to avoiding blemishes, sun spots, and other signs of aging. As you build a layering skincare routine, there are...

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  • Home
    Adding Pizzaz to Your Home Can Be Simple. Here’s How!

    Many of us believe we need plenty of money to spend if we really want to make our home cozy and stylish, which is not accurate. Even if you need space, you should have the good sense...

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  • Quit smoking
    How to Quit Smoking After Smoking For 40+ Years

    Most people assume that smoking for decades means quitting is nearly impossible. While it’s certainly true that your nicotine addiction is well-cemented after 40+ years, it’s never impossible to quit smoking for good and take back your...

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  • Funeral director
    Douglas Familia Discusses the Value of a Funeral Director for Grieving Families

    Losing a loved one is never easy under any circumstances. Planning a funeral service seems impossible during this period of grief in which you may be overwhelmed with emotions, sadness, and inner devastation. For grief-stricken families, a funeral...

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  • Financial
    5 Financial Tips for Retirees

    Many people assume that life will be easy financially once you retire, but even with a good pension and savings, it can still be challenging. Healthcare costs, supporting family, unexpected expenses, and an increase in the cost...

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  • Better health
    9 Habits for Better Health as a Senior

    No matter your age, it’s always important to care for your mind and body in the best possible way. When reaching a certain age, however, there are extra good habits you certainly need to pay attention to...

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  • Beauty tips
    6 Beauty Tips Every Woman Over 50 Should Know

    Of course, every woman knows that real beauty blossoms from within, and a healthy diet, a daily exercise routine, and avoiding stress are essential to maintaining a youthful glow. But the appeal and effectiveness of surgical and...

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  • Summer Dresses for Women Over 50
    Summer Dresses for Women Over 50

    How do you find Summer dresses for women over 50 with safe social distancing? LivingBetter50 has been searching through online stores for the perfect summer dresses. Many stores have the options of free returns, free shipping, and...

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  • Military
    3 Resources for Military Members & Their Families

    When you’re new to the military, every little step can feel incredibly confusing. From navigating using your housing allowance to helping your spouse find a job in a new city or state to set up your health...

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  • toxic
    Remove Everything Toxic from Your Life. Literally

    When people think about removing toxic things from their lives, they often think of stress, ill-intentioned people, or their social media accounts. However, today we will be focusing on removing the things that are literally toxic for...

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