• kitchen
    How to Modernize Your Old-Fashioned Kitchen

    The kitchen is the center of your home, where family and friends enjoy each other’s company. The bond that’s formed over tasty food and peals of laughter is irreplaceable. So when you are looking at your outdated...

    • Posted 3 months ago
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  • lvt flooring
    Why Is LVT Flooring So Popular?

    Luxury Vinyl Tile has earned a reputation on its own in the flooring business over the last 10 to 15 years. It’s no mystery that LVT flooring has become the preferred option for many commercial interiors. Because...

    • Posted 4 months ago
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  • house
    Changes You Need to Improve Your House for Family Reunions on Holidays

    Among the reasons why the holidays can be stressful is your relatives are coming over. If it’s your turn to host these big celebrations, you should prepare your house. You know they’re going to judge your place...

    • Posted 7 months ago
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  • minimal kitchen
    6 Minimal Kitchen Designs You’ll Absolutely Love

    Whether you’re someone who loves to cook or someone who just looks at it as a daily chore, a disorganized kitchen can cause serious hassles. This is why it’s important to make the most of your kitchen...

    • Posted 8 months ago
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  • home
    How to Get the Catalog Look in Your Home

    Getting the catalog look around the home is most people’s idea of the desired look. However, to some people, this can come as second nature, whereas for others, there is a struggle. The secret is in deciding...

    • Posted 8 months ago
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  • interior design
    6 Tips For A Clean And Cozy Toilet Interior Design

    After a long, tiring day, all we really need is a hot shower to take all our stresses away.  A bathroom is an intimate sanctuary. It is an extremely personal space that unravels the different personalities of...

    • Posted 1 year ago
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  • Bathroom
    7 Ideas for How to Renovate Your Bathroom

    Home renovation can be both an exciting and overwhelming affair. Now that you have the time, funds, and the services of a contractor, where should you start? What are the motions to go through in order to...

    • Posted 3 years ago
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  • EnLIGHTen Your Run: 5 Reasons to Hit the Pavement at 50 and Beyond
    EnLIGHTen Your Run: 5 Reasons to Hit the Pavement at 50 and Beyond

    There may be plenty of voices telling you that you shouldn’t be running so strenuously, that advancing age means you must slow down. Maybe they’re telling you horror stories of broken bones and heart attacks. Look at so-and-so, they say. She...

    • Posted 4 years ago
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  • Tips for Making Your Bathroom a Safer Space for Seniors
    Tips for Making Your Bathroom a Safer Space for Seniors

    Not many people are aware that the bathroom is potentially one of the most hazardous areas inside the home, office, or establishments such as hospitals and schools. Did you know that in 2008, the Centers for Disease...

    • Posted 5 years ago
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