• Detox
    3 Ways to Detox

    Over time, what we eat, drink, or otherwise put into and around our bodies – including the pollution in the air – takes its toll. This can cause us to feel unwell, both mentally and physically, and...

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  • Diabetes
    The Diabetic Diagnosis That Changed My Life for the Better

    I was an active teenager—I played volleyball, basketball, and softball—but after high school came work and kids, and I wasn’t getting any exercise. Over the years, the number on the scale crept up to the point where...

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  • How a Healthy Diet Benefits Those with Mesothelioma
    How a Healthy Diet Benefits Those with Mesothelioma

    Mesothelioma is a difficult and particularly aggressive form of cancer that originates in the protective lining inside of the lungs. It can cause tremendous harm to the body, and early detection and management is key to treating...

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  • various diet books
    Diets, Diets, and More Diets!!

    By Beth Havey – We all eat a diet—because the basic definition of diet is the types of food that a person habitually eats. But we have come to know that word as a source of change:...

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