• live chat
    Live Chat Produces the Highest Customer Satisfaction

    Perhaps it is not surprising that given the various types of online support businesses can offer their customer, live chat far surpasses email, FAQ, voicemail, and text support in popularity. Part of the reason for this is...

    • Posted 2 months ago
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  • How To Reduce Stress and Thrive In The New Normal

    Are you an entrepreneur, manager, or CEO? As you’re re-entering business, there are many changes and new trends. While approaching business in ‘the new normal,’ what are you feeling? You might notice a mixture of feelings from...

    • Posted 3 months ago
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  • Positive Ways to Spend Time on Social Media

    Social media provides many opportunities to stay in touch with loved ones who live all over the globe. Further, these outlets allow you to share photos, learn about local events and see what your old friends are...

    • Posted 4 months ago
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  • Stress
    4 Hobbies That Are Guaranteed to Relieve Stress

    Stress will always be a part of our daily lives. There’s no getting around this fact. However, this doesn’t mean that women over 50 should just put up with it. After all, not only can it affect...

    • Posted 2 years ago
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  • Metabolism Diet
    Stop Stress From Slowing Your Metabolism

    It is not your imagination. Yes, you are gaining weight despite eating what works for you and yes, you can blame stress for your expanding waistline. But the effects of stress don’t end there. Feel like you’re running on...

    • Posted 3 years ago
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  • Dealing with stress
    Got Stress? Don’t Let It Ruin the Holidays.

    Here we go again — the time of year that gave birth to the phrase ‘I need a vacation from my vacation’. With the seemingly endless parade of work parties, family gatherings and social engagements, it’s no...

    • Posted 3 years ago
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  • Take five to thrive: Stress and your digestion

    By Margaret Floyd – It’s 7:45am and I’m running out the door, late, for an 8:00am appointment. I’m feeling frantic and I haven’t eaten. I have two choices: go hungry or grab something quickly and eat it...

    • Posted 10 years ago
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