• best bath & body products
    LivingBetter50 – The Best Bath & Body Products

    As LivingBetter50 celebrates 10 years of being the No.1 resource for women over 50 worldwide, we bring you our top 10 series. Just in time for Mother’s Day, LivingBetter50 is bringing you our best bath & body...

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  • ayurvedic products
    6 Reasons To Choose Ayurvedic Products For Your Skin

    Skin undeniably happens to be the most sensitive organ in our body. When it comes to caring and grooming the skin of women over 50, we often choose random products. However, an investment in the proper products...

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  • 6 Skin care tips to age gracefully
    6 Skin Care Tips to Age Gracefully

    When it comes to skin care, the first decade of the 21st century could be described as the Injectable Era. Women of all ages seeking a flawless, youthful glow turned to synthetics to find the fountain of...

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6 Skin Care Tips to Age Gracefully