Sprucing Up the Deck

By on September 17, 2012

I really need to re-do the stain on my deck – it’s been peeling all summer. But that’s too big of job to tackle right now so I thought I’d start with this –

I know…awful right? A summer of neglect and hot temps and what was a planter full of colorful petunias is now one dried up petunia and a bunch of weeds!

So I started by removing most of the dirt in the planter (I used it to fill in a hole in the backyard). Then I painted the top of the bench (I got this bench at Goodwill in 2009). I also decided to paint my planter red.

natural sunscreen with zinc oxide


I had painted these little concrete planters red a few years ago and they still look great. The concrete seems to absorb the paint.

This time I didn’t do the color as solid as the small planters in order to give it a more weathered look and I added some fresh potting soil and filled it with some pansies, ornamental kale and a mum.

I also like to keep my little gnomes in this planter.

I collect gnomes…


I have the larger ones in the garden. I have a few photos of them on my flickr photostream here.

I just think they’re funny – my daughter thinks they’re creepy.

The window behind this planter is my kitchen and there’s a window seat.

So now when I look out that window, I have something nice to look at once again!


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Sprucing Up the Deck