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By on June 14, 2011

By Kelly McElrea –

When we think about our health and wellness we often first think about our waistline, what we eat, how much exercise we get etc…  We often forget about our largest organ which is our skin!  We often look for the quickest way to wash our face, or to spend the least amount on a moisturizer thinking most products are the same.

Have you ever considered that what you put on your skin actually gets absorbed into your bloodstream?  It was not something I had ever thought about.  Everyone gets used to using the same old products and often forgets about the importance of looking after ourselves, not only from the outside but from the inside as well.

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As I research more about the chemical preservatives being used in everything from make-up to shampoo, I am becoming more aware and diligent about what goes on my skin.  When I think about all of the products I have put on my skin over the years, quite frankly it scares me!  Did you know on average women layers on 9-12 products every day?  That means for each product that has a chemical preservative you are layering on 9-12 times the recommended legal limit that is deemed safe to be on our skin.  By layering on these chemical preservatives (examples include: parabens, mercury, coal tar, toluene, propylene glycol….) we put our health at risk by opening ourselves up to increased risk of illness and degenerative disease.

While great products are important on the outside, it is equally as important to remember what we put on the inside.  For an example, if you are eating fast food on a regular basis, your skin will eventually pay the price.  We can however effectively improve the look of our skin, hair and nails by eating nutritious whole foods, taking an excellent vitamin supplement and of course, watching what products you put on the outside.  When our bodies are nourished through good food and proper supplementation, all of our organs become balanced and our body becomes healthier as a whole.

The next time you go to slather on your favorite moisturizer or stop in the drug store to buy your favorite shampoo I challenge you to really look at the ingredients in the products and understand what you are putting on your skin.  Ask yourself, would I eat this?  If the answer is no then you need to strongly consider if it should go on your skin.  Look at the supplements you are taking, are they pharmaceutical grade? Are the ingredients pure?  Lastly, next time you stop for a hamburger and french fries, ask yourself if you are really in such a hurry that you can’t stop for healthy whole foods?

It is never too late to stop, pause, and make the small changes that can last a life time.  You will be rewarded by glowing skin, more energy and a healthy body that will thank you for years to come!

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