Simple Floral Display

By on March 27, 2013

I found a bag full of sweet little bottles and having seen an example of three vintage bottles grouped together in a OneKingsLane ad, I knew these sweet little bottles would serve as lovely suspended vases.


I wrapped twine round the top of these bottles and attached them in a group of three with a loop to hang. I hung these bottles from some hooks in our bathroom. The spot is ideal for display as well for enjoying the lovely fragrance of the flowers while bathing in my tub – just below.

natural sunscreen with zinc oxide


I gathered some of the spring flowering bulbs in our garden then set out to create floral displays.

After hanging the bottles, I then began to experiment with a few of the spring blooms in our garden.

 Simple-Floral-Collage-3 Simple-Floral-Display-5 Simple-Floral-Display-Collage-4

Then I combined the flowers…for a moment the sun came out and I loved the effect of the setting sun.

I have a few more bottles and may repeat this little craft – or use ribbon, or keep them single. The fun is in the experimenting.


Loving this floral display in our hall bathroom. Looking forward to creating more to place throughout the house.


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Simple Floral Display