Should Women Over 50 do DIY Pest Control

By on March 3, 2021
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It was last fall when I first heard the scuttling of something in my roof. I couldn’t help but wonder who was up there living rent-free! A little concerned and wary to have a look, I plucked up the courage to go up with a flashlight for some DIY pest control. I had overcome many challenges in my life, what would this little creature be able to do?

My husband and I grabbed our ladder and we climbed up through the opening in the attic. Living in Manassas, Virginia, we usually get a fair amount of rain in the summer months but the past 2 weeks had been constant rain. We could smell the dampness as we entered the ceiling as 2 brave “Indiana Jones” adventurers.

Finding the little guy

We hunted for the little guy that was causing the commotion. Between the insulation, dust, and small spaces, this older woman was struggling. My husband’s bad knees were becoming more inflamed with every passing minute as we crawled around our roof area. I did finally spot the unwelcomed guest as I lifted some insulation. I startled them and they darted off to a new hiding place.

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What I did find under the insulation was evidence that our guest had been staying in this warm, cozy hotel a lot longer than we initially thought.

Evidence of our visitor

Our visitor was turning out to be more of a pest than we thought. As I pulled the insulation up we found hundreds of droppings and quite a mess. It appeared that this guest had been nesting in preparation for the mating winter season. 

How did our pest get in?

My husband and I would say that we are pretty “handy”. We more than capably manage various jobs and tasks around the home throughout the year. Working on our home frequently, we were surprised to see how this raccoon had broken part of the siding on our home to gain access under the roof overhang. We had simply not seen the damage in our day-to-day activities around the home. This raccoon, known as a “gentle house guest” had done quite a number.

Pest Control is not for this woman!

I had crawled around on my hands and knees all morning. Pest control and removal was not something that was going to be a DIY project for me. I was exhausted, and we had not even caught the pest yet. I was going to do a search for pest control companies. There was a myriad of pest control companies in Manassas, VA, and I was not sure who to work with.

As I contemplated ending this creator’s life, I started to look for companies that had a humane and ethical approach to ridding my house of my unwanted visitor. I wanted to work with a pest control company that would help re-locate this living being from my home.

I needed to Pest Proof our house

We breathed a sigh of relief when our unwanted intruder was removed. What was even better was working with the Pest Proof VA team? Not only did they take care of the pest, but they had the skills to repair and restore our home. They were a one-stop-shop that restored our home to a better than before condition!

Their advice and pest proofing now have our home safe and pest-free. I would not advise a DIY option for pest removal, this is certainly a job for the professionals!

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Should Women Over 50 do DIY Pest Control