Shea Butter- A Better Butter For Your Body (& Your Best Skin)

By on October 7, 2011

By Lisa D Liguori –

A good rich creme. A good rich creme for my skin. A good rich creme for my skin that will give me my glow back.

This, I hear a lot. In answer to this plea, I highly recommend Olive Oil Creme for my women friends who are clamoring for help, and Olive Oil Creme is exactly that, a good rich creme. Olive oil is another wonderful ingredient for skin health.

natural sunscreen with zinc oxide

However, options are good.

So, I have been experimenting with a formula for a luscious face & body butter that contains two key ingredients; coconut oil and Shea butter.

I am in love with unrefined Shea butter.

I have had a love affair with coconut oil for some time now.  I eat it, and I slather it on my skin, but Shea butter has been new to me.

This combination, of Shea butter and coconut oil, is simply divine. Divine, I tell you. It melts right into your skin, and absorbs, instantly relieving any rough or dry skin. Aahhh.

Let me tell you a bit about Shea Butter: It is –

  • naturally rich in vitamins A & E, both of which help to hydrate, soothe and balance the skin
  • naturally rich in Vitamin F, which contains essential fatty acids to help protect damaged skin and hair
  • wonderful for dry and aging skin, helping to retain elasticity, and great for wrinkles!
  • a circulation boost
  • anti-inflammatory
  • good for repairs of cellular degradation, promoting skin renewal & can accelerate wound healing
  • good for dry skin all over your body, including your scalp and even your hair
  • also good for itchy, rashy skin, skin allergies, stretch marks, sun burn, rough skin, insect bites, muscle aches and fatigue


Oh, and did I mention it is a natural UV protectant, with about an SPF of 6!

You can use Shea butter straight out of the jar, on your skin, or scalp. You can add it to your bath water,  a spoonful under running warm water for a natural luxurious bath oil. Coat your dry, rough feet in it and sleep with warm cozy socks on during a cold winters night. Apply it to scars, stretch marks or blemishes to minimize them.

Oh, I could go on, and on.

Be sure you are using unrefined, raw Shea butter. It will have more of an odor than refined Shea butter, but  the odor does lesson on contact with your skin.

The best source I have found for Shea butter is Mountain Rose Herbs, or you may find it in your local Whole Foods Market or similar Healthy Food Chain.

Or, you can wait for the fabulous Body Butter from Style Essentials to be ready!

Have you tried Shea Butter? Do you have any of the above conditions that you would like help with? Would you like to be a tester of SE’s NEW Body Butter when it is ready for trial? Let me know! I would love to send you a sample to get your feedback.


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Shea Butter- A Better Butter For Your Body (& Your Best Skin)