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By Vicki Norris –

Renew means to begin or take up again, to bring something back to a former state, or to revive. To renew is to make new again.

If you’re living with anything less than you know you’re destined for…then it’s time to renew!

Plant to renew
I’ve shared with you often about the importance of declogging and weeding your life, so that you can have a clear canvas in your life landscape. Presuming your soil is in fact relatively free from those weeds, it’s time to DO something with that soil!

It’s time to plant.

My mentor recently shared with my husband and I that we must plant the seed in our hand to get into the next season.

To me, this was profound. Because who of us has not felt “stuck” at times? As I looked back over the last decade of my life, I could see why I had stayed in certain seasons too long. I had not planted. I had not done the very thing I was given the seeds for! And I was ready for renewal.

Planting revives
My husband and I decided that our theme for the beginning of the year would be “planting”. We wrote down everything we have in our hand that we feel led to plant. Some of our seeds include leadership, sowing into our children, and agreement.

This “planting” conversation was perhaps the deepest and most reviving conversation we’ve had in a long time….it caused us to think about what we already have been given that we must act upon. It renewed our commitment to live from a place of purpose.

Planting offers new life
As you plant into your own life, you are investing in something new. You’re renewing your commitment to tend the soil, water, and fertilize.

Planting does not look back; it looks ahead to a promising future of budding seedlings, strengthening stalks, and perhaps leaves, blooms, or fruit. Planting is the first step to bearing life.

So if you’re facing 2012 disorganized, overwhelmed, or just longing for renewal, instead of making resolutions or beating yourself up for what you’ll change or deprive yourself of…try planting instead!

You already have great things within you, around you, and available to you. Too often, we look to what we don’t have. Planting honors what you have been given and offers a chance to begin or begin again.

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Vicki Norris is an expert organizer, business owner, speaker, television personality, and author who inspires people to live out their priorities. Norris is a regular on HGTV’s nationally syndicated Mission: Organization, and is a recurrent source and contributor to national lifestyle publications including Quick & Simple magazine, Better Homes & Gardens, and Real Simple magazine. Norris is also author of Restoring Order™ to Your Home, a room-by-room household organizing guide.

Vicki Norris

About Vicki Norris

Vicki is a dynamic entrepreneur, author, speaker, product designer, and media personality who inspires people to reclaim their overwhelmed lives. She is the President of Vicki Norris’ Restoring Order, an organizing services and products company. She helps the body of Christ return to God’s order and to discover His original design for our lives. She and her husband and two sons reside in Sherwood Oregon where they also host many events at “Dream Acres”.

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