Reconnecting and Restoring Your Relationships


The thought of reconnecting and restoring your relationships may stir a multitude of emotions within you. Reconnecting with a friend or loved one from the past, is not a simple act. Restoring a relationship is not easy. A pandemic, like the Coronavirus, makes us take note of what is truly important. It’s as if life is giving us an ultimatum and you must choose; pride or humility, selfishness or servanthood, brokenness or healing?

There are many valuable resources available to guide us in restoring our relationships. However, we can have all the knowledge available to us, and it won’t make a difference if we don’t implement what we learn. I believe the first step to restoring a relationship is to reconnect. 

How to Reconnect with a Friend or Loved One

Start with “hello”

In this day and age, there is no reason for you to not say hello. All conversations start with hello. Pick up the phone, leave a voicemail if you have to or send a text message. Type an email, write a letter, send a message through social media, do whatever you have to do and open up the conversation for dialogue. 

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Build a Bridge and Get Over It

Do you remember why you were friends in the first place? Do you remember why you were drawn to the person when you first met? Build that bridge back to the “good old days” and go back there. Even if it is for you alone that you need to go back and remember, do it. Why? Because you will treat the person with the love and joy that you use too and it will be harder to drudge up hurt, broken, and anger emotions. 

Ask for Forgiveness

Perhaps you did nothing wrong. Or so you think. But, just as the saying goes, “it takes two to tango”- it takes two to let a relationship break. Both parties play a role and to ignore this fact, then maybe you should first start with self-healing before restoring relationships with others. Ask for forgiveness – whatever that looks like. Accept that the person may have blame, hurt, and anger towards you. Accept that they may not give any apology to you. Let it be. Apologize, accept, and move on

Make an Effort

Continually reach out and be genuinely concerned for the person’s wellbeing. Reconnecting and fixing a relationship won’t happen in a day, or a week, or even a month, it takes time. Your continuous display of kindness, respect, and love will go a long way in restoring your relationships. Remember, love others, always! 

Give It time

Understand that you may reach out and not get a response. You may be ready to reconnect, rebuild, and restore your relationship. It does not mean the other person is ready. You should not give up. Be patient. Keep trying, hoping, and one day… Just be ready and willing. 

The hardest part of reconnecting is the willingness to step outside of your comfort zone. The acceptance to move past your pride and possibly your hurt. May you move toward a place of healing, hope, and restoration – for yourself, and for those you love! Make these actions a habit for a life of greater joy!

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Reconnecting and Restoring Your Relationships
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