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By Vicki Norris –

Are things falling apart around you?

Or, does it seem like your foundation could use some shoring up?

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The times we are in require a firm foundation because many things seem to be shifting below and around us. In fact, some of us may feel that our whole life has been shaken (and even broken) up.

While having your life torn apart (by the economy, relationships, or hardship) is never easy, it presents an opportunity. We have the chance to choose what we will do next!

  • If you stay at the site of brokenness, you will remain stuck in the past. Grief and paralysis may set in.
  • If you stuff down the sorrow or frustration (or even lessons) you’ll invite poison into your life.
  • If you wait until things improve, you will be living for the future and miss the greatness of “now”!

So, what can you do when destruction comes against you? Rebuild! Rebuilding is the process of building again.

Rebuilding says to the forces coming against you: “I will not be kept down. I will not yield. I am an asset to this world, and the world needs me to start again!” Something changes when we stand up and declare that we will not be overcome.

Your process may require starting over completely, or just fixing that which is broken and making improvements.

If you’re starting over in your life, you’ll need to begin with a firm foundation and new materials. What foundation have you been building your life upon and how did that work for you? A “secure” job? Choosing the “right” neighborhood or schools? Getting married to the “perfect” person? Raising “good” kids? Many of these foundations upon which we’ve built our security have failed us and we need a new foundation. New materials may include a new support system, new ways of managing your life, and new commitments to yourself.

If you’re remodeling your life, you’ll want to replace damaged parts, improve systems, and prevent against future damage. No one fixes a broken deck by putting a rug on it. We must replace the poles and beams that provide support to the deck. It’s easy to shortcut our life remodels by covering up the decaying and cracked pillars in our life, but don’t miss this chance to “trade up” to new supports!

Which do you need to do to rebuild your life: start over or remodel? An ordered life is one that can respond to change proactively with grace and strength.


About the Author: Vicki Norris is an expert organizer, business owner, speaker, television personality, and author who inspires people to live out their priorities. Norris is a regular on HGTV’s nationally syndicated Mission: Organization, and is a recurrent source and contributor to national lifestyle publications including Quick & Simple magazine, Better Homes & Gardens, and Real Simple magazine. Norris is also author of Restoring Order™ to Your Home, a room-by-room household organizing guide.

Vicki Norris

About Vicki Norris

Vicki is a dynamic entrepreneur, author, speaker, product designer, and media personality who inspires people to reclaim their overwhelmed lives. She is the President of Vicki Norris’ Restoring Order, an organizing services and products company. She helps the body of Christ return to God’s order and to discover His original design for our lives. She and her husband and two sons reside in Sherwood Oregon where they also host many events at “Dream Acres”.

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