Raising Money for Your Business Venture

By on September 2, 2015

By Delan Cooper–

You may have dozens of unique ideas for a business, but none of them have come to fruition because of financial woes. When you look at some of the top companies in the world, they didn’t start out with millions of dollars. Some of them even started in a garage and grew from there. Raising money for a business venture is critical for any product or service to grow. Use one or more financial sources to truly back your business dream.

Small Business Loan

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The old-fashioned strategy of borrowing money is still a viable option in today’s market. Many lenders offer small business loans meant to support local residents and boost the economy. Work with a local bank, if possible, to find a low interest rate and reasonable payback schedule. Big name lenders work with the larger corporations, making funds slightly more difficult to qualify for with little assets. You’ll need these funds to buy inventory and advertise your work at the very least.

Investors And Partners

You may want to run your business as a solo operation, but many owners do need extra capital that banks cannot supply. Angel investors are a perfect choice for solo businesses. These investors put up funds, but don’t run the operation. They are given a percentage of the business in return for their investment and helpful advice. Partners actually work with the owner, running daily operations while offering upfront money for daily financial needs.

Crowd Funding

Go online and social media channel to advertise your business or product idea. There are websites for crowd funding, similar to putting money in a jar for a rainy day. People who like your idea can donate any money they like through the website. Some movies have even been made with this strategy. The collected money goes to the business to start or run the product or service as it was advertised.

Line Of Credit

Although pulling money out of your home is risky, it may be an option when you need just a little more financing. An equity line of credit allows you to pull a certain amount of money from your home’s equity. You don’t have to take all the equity out so this financing option gives you room to control the spending.

Any new business requires risk, but smart money management gets your voice heard in any industry. Research your startup options today to choose your unique path to a successful tomorrow.


Delan Cooper is an inspirational writer. He is part of crews at Real Estate Academy Australia (Brisbane’s real estate licensing, training, coaching and certification specialists), working with entrepreneurs and small business owner to grow their careers and achieve results that raise the standards of professionalism and respect in the Real Estate industry.

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Raising Money for Your Business Venture