Post Oscars….Could You Be the Next Big Thing?

By on February 27, 2013

The gowns were outstanding and the pomp and effects, dazzling. Last night the 85th Academy Awards gave the famous Oscars to the actors, directors, cinematographers, costume designers and all those who made the wonderful entertainment we enjoy possible.

Looking at the amazing men and women who were nominated and those who earned the honor of bringing home an Oscar seems like a fairytale coming true. We imagine how fabulous it must be to earn so much money for doing something these individuals love doing. They have the “good life” because that is what is shown yet the back story, the work behind the scenes, the countless rejections and the low paying jobs held to just survive while hoping to make it to the big time are not mentioned.

Sure, there are the famous actors and actresses whose parents got their foot in the door, but for many, having their dream come true took incredibly hard work and a lot of personal sacrifice and often years and years of patience and persistence.

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Sidney Poitier - Photo credit: michellerlee

Sidney Poitier – Photo credit: michellerlee

Fifteen years ago, Tom Hanks was working in Cleveland, Ohio in the lead role of the Taming of the Shrew for a Shakespearean Festival. George Clooney, even with a famous aunt, cleaned theaters,cut tobacco and worked construction jobs to pay for acting lessons. Ellen Degeneres worked at a carwash.Vince Vaughn worked as a telemarketer. Amy Adams worked at Hooters and Brad Pitt stood on the corner of Sunset Boulevard in a chicken costume advertising a fast food restaurant. Sidney Poitier was told to stop wasting people’s time and become a dishwasher at his first audition. Harrison Ford was told he didn’t have what it took to be an actor and Oliver Stone dropped out of school, taught English in Vietnam and then enlisted in the service and earned two purple hearts before he ever got near a director’s chair.

So, maybe you ARE the next big thing. Maybe that idea or plan or vision is really going to change the world but eight now maybe nothing you are doing seems like you will ever be living your dream, achieving your goal or making your mark in the world. Keep one factor in mind…IF you GIVE UP, you are right. The only way to achieve a dream is to keep going despite the rejections, despite the roadblocks and despite the things you might currently have to do.

If you don’t believe in yourself you will find it difficult or perhaps even impossible to convince someone else to believe in your dream. Maybe you haven’t won your Oscar yet, maybe your best performance is yet to come or maybe it would just be nice to be recognized in a field among your peers for whatever talent you own. Regardless of what your goal is, you can be sure it will take hard work, sacrifice, disappointment, mistakes and rejections to get it right. That’s what makes one successful; the stuff behind the scenes that make us who we are.

Maybe you are living the back story no one knows. Maybe you are overwhelmed by rejections and disappointments, stuck in a place you think could never get you to your dream. Keep seeing yourself holding your prize, getting your shot, being discovered, but don’t just dream; start to work on whatever you want to accomplish, bit by bit, step by step and stay focused on that goal, regardless ,and you will be able to someday say thank you to all the people and circumstances that made you a winner.

You will be able to figuratively hear, “…and the award goes to______” and know it all paid off.

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What do you see yourself accomplishing on your vision board?
What has been the most difficult part of realizing your “next big thing?”

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Post Oscars….Could You Be the Next Big Thing?