Planning What Apparel to Take With You on a Journey

By on January 26, 2018
Planning What Apparel to Take With You on a Journey

Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, deciding what kind of clothing to take along can be a genuine challenge. You want to be comfortable in the clothes you wear on any given day during the trip. However, you also want to dress for the occasion and look stylish.

While packing the basics like undergarments proves to be simple, selecting the other clothing to put in the suitcase can become confusing and overwhelming. You can make it simpler by thinking about what qualities you want in the tops, trousers, travel dresses, shoes, and other apparel you ideally should take along with you. Below is a list or recommendations so you can focus on enjoying the journey!

Shirts and Blouses

The tops you pack for your journey should suit the purposes for which you will wear them as well as the occasion you plan to mark while you are at the destination. If you are traveling for pleasure, you may want to check the forecast before you depart so you know whether to pack long or short-sleeved tops. Packing winter gear for a destination that will have warm and sunny weather, for example, will force you to the nearest clothing store to buy tops in which you can stay cool.

If you are a woman, you also may not want to bring along tops that are too revealing or see-through. While this kind of clothing may be permitted where you live now, you do not want to risk violating a public decency law in the place to which you plan to travel. Solid colored tops or tops with built in chemises can spare you embarrassment and unlawful conduct.

Likewise, you may not want to bring along tops that feature slogans, cartoon characters, sports mascots, or other signage. The messages and images could be misunderstood particularly if you are visiting an overseas country.


Most travel experts advise women to take along at least one suitable dress for their getaway. If you are traveling for business, of course you might be expected to dress up for meetings, dinners, conventions, and other events.

However, if you are vacationing for pleasure, you still may find it useful to have at least one dress on hand. You never know when you might want to visit a fancier restaurant, for instance, or head out for a night of dancing.

The dresses designed for travel can be worn for business casual or fun. They feature full mid-calf skirts and modest yet attractive bodices. They can be worn by themselves or paired with a sweater, blazer jacket, or other outer apparel accessories.

Further, they come in colors that are neutral and easy to match with other wardrobe essentials. You can wear flats, boots, bangle bracelets, necklaces, and other items with the dresses without having to shop for specific gear to match the color or style.


Like blouses and shirts, trousers are an essential to take along with you during a vacation or business trip. Many people pack blue jeans because these items are comfortable and reasonable to wear in most places.

However, you might find it best to pack at least one pair of slacks or dress pants if you plan on going to church, out to dinner, or an important meeting. Some upscale venues may not allow people in who are wearing blue jeans.


Regardless of where you are going during the trip, you might find it reasonable to pack at least two if not three or more pair of footwear. Most people like to travel while wearing tennis shoes or trainers. Some women also like wear sandals or flats.

However, if you plan on visiting outdoor venues like hiking trails, parks, animal reserves, or other more challenging landscapes, you might want to don a pair of boots instead of trainers or flats. Your feet need to be protected from rough elements like rocks, gravel, sharp plants, and even stinging insects. Without proper footwear, you may find that some of the places you planned to visit are off-limits to you.

Additionally, you may want to pack upwards of 12 to 15 pairs of socks, depending of course on the length of your journey. People change their socks more often than they realize while on vacation particularly when visiting hot and humid locations. Having too many socks rather than not enough can spare you from the hassle of having to use a laundromat or a hotel washer and dryer to clean the pairs you brought along with you.


Finally, your vacation wardrobe would not be complete without a few accessories to match the clothing that is in your suitcase. When you want to save most of the suitcase’s space for clothes, you may want to take along accessories that are understated and neutral in appearance. They will pair easily with anything you wear and not look too casual or formal.

It also may be advisable that you avoid taking anything of significant worth. Jewelry that is antique and a family heirloom may best stay at home or with a trusted relative rather than be brought along during your vacation. While many hotels offer security boxes for clients, they cannot guarantee the safety of your jewelry. Costume jewelry or accessories that are not of extreme value to you may be more suitable to pack.

Packing for a vacation does not have to be time consuming, overwhelming task. Even if you are not the most decisive person in the world, you can make the process of packing clothes easier. By identifying what you will want to wear for comfort as well as what would be suitable for any events you plan to attend, you can fill your suitcase and depart on time.


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Planning What Apparel to Take With You on a Journey