Are My Pets and Family Safe Around Pest Control

By on July 20, 2021
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While the thought of sharing your home with pests like cockroaches and ants is disagreeable, what is the risk of pest control? In a home where pets and young kids will freely play and go, is it safe to be using pest control? In one word, yes! Pest control comes in various forms and options. Some pest control methods are safe for unknowing pets and kids in the home.

Because our pets are part of the family, you might have some questions. When it comes to pest control and the safety issues for our family and pets, we have to remember that pets do not necessarily follow instructions very well. LivingBetter50 is pet-friendly as well as human-friendly. We hope to address the most common concerns and also offer some ways to protect your four-legged family members from pests.

Professional pest control treatments are pet-friendly

Many household pest control materials are designed to be applied at low concentration levels. These concentration levels make them effective for insects while posing little threat to people and pets. The in-home and outdoor flea repellent and tick treatments often used contain the same active ingredients used by veterinary clinics. The professional pest control companies near you are trained on the latest science and treatment practices. They understand the concerns and threats for our families and offer pet-friendly pest control programs. They are designed to control existing pest issues and prevent future issues. Preventing an infestation is often the best “medicine” for ensuring a healthy home.

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What preventive pest control measures are there?

Most important, communication with your pest control professional is key. Make sure you understand the different treatment options available to you, as well as your responsibilities as a homeowner before, during, and after any scheduled treatments. Some preventive measures you can take to protect your pets from future infestations include:

Vacuum frequently

Frequent vacuuming helps control a flea infestation. Removing eggs, larvae, and adults will reduce the opportunity for the pests to get established in your home. Along with carpeting, vacuum upholstered furniture, and baseboards.

Cycle your pets bedding

Wash bedding where pets sleep and discard any old pet bedding.  Pests are fighting for their lives and so they will be sneaky about where they hide from you. Wash and discard older toys along with other items that may contain severe levels of infestation. Replace them with new items when necessary.

Pets love their grooming

Comb and groom pets frequently, especially around the neck where fleas tend to congregate. While this is an important activity for controlling the number of pests that make it into the home, your pet will love it too. Like us humans, our pets just want to be loved. Grooming your pet after some time outside will help prevent the pests from coming in. It will also let your best friend feel some extra love!

Even if the pest control treatment is earmarked as safe, it is always better to be cautious. Send the pets outside for some time or at least safely confine them to the untreated areas for 1 or 2 hours. Pets easily come into contact with pesticide while it is still wet. Let the treatment dry out completely and then ventilate the room(s) thoroughly before allowing the pets to return.

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Are My Pets and Family Safe Around Pest Control