My Priceless Wedding Ring Transformed into a Beautiful Pendant

By on November 1, 2015

By Susie Y. Jennings−

Day 7

The Widow’s Pendant

If you remain in me and my words remain in you,
ask whatever you wish, and it will be done for you.
John 15:7 (NIV)

It was our second annual fundraising event for Op­eration Care Dallas, and my heart swelled as I looked around the room. This was the first auction we had ever conducted. The items we were offering were selling quite well, and I watched the growing excitement on the faces of hundreds of guests as bidding on an exquisite pendant in­creased. The resounding applause brought a wave of emo­tion to my heart as the auctioneer pointed toward a new friend to the ministry and shouted . . .

“Sold to the gentleman—for seven thousand dollars!”

Thank you, Jesus! I praised His name, knowing that the funds we raised this night would provide for the physical and spiritual needs of homeless men, women, and chil­dren within the Dallas area. All of the items featured in our auction were donated, including this glorious pen­dant, and generous friends and supporters of the minis­try had abundantly opened their hearts and their wallets to make our annual event successful. The gentleman who purchased the one-of-a-kind pendant for his wife was new to our growing family of benefactors, and when the auc­tion was over, I silently thanked God for him as I took a final look at the pendant he would be taking home with him that night. I had prayed that this very special necklace would go to just the right person, and I felt God was an­swering my prayer in this kind and gracious man.

It truly was an exceptional piece of jewelry. Weighing in at almost thirty-one carats, the center stone was a bril­liant blue topaz with a cluster of seven equally brilliant diamonds mounted at the top in a rich gold setting and suspended from a gold chain. It looked as though it could be in a museum. I ran my fingers over the cool surface of the stone, remembering the first time I had laid eyes on it—the first time I had touched it.

It was years ago in Davao City, in the Philippines.

“It’s beautiful.” I held the loose stone in my palm and felt compelled to buy it on the spot. I had no idea what I would do with it, only that I couldn’t leave without it. In May of the following year, I went back to the Philippines to visit my dear mother who was living with my sister, Christie, and her family. It was there, surrounded by the love of family in the country of my birth that the Lord placed an idea in my heart, an idea that took hold of me and wouldn’t let go until I saw it through to completion.

I will use the seven diamonds from my wedding ring to highlight the topaz stone and have the gold from the ring melted to use as a mount. I’m going to have a keepsake pendant designed that will forever remind me of David.

My wedding ring was the last piece of jewelry I owned that emotionally connected me with David, my beloved late husband. I knew it was time to say good-bye, but it would feel good that every time I wore this pendant, it would allow me to keep the memory of our time together close to my heart. An expert Filipino artisan craftsman in­terpreted and created my vision perfectly. I treasured the finished product and before leaving my homeland, I pur­chased an elegant turquoise-colored gown to compliment the stunning pendant. The pairing of the two made quite a statement.

Now, years later, I looked down at the pendant that no longer belonged to me, and I was at peace. The memo­ries seemed fresh as they kissed my heart with emotion, and the power of God’s love embraced me as I recalled the spirit-filled conversation leading up to this moment.

Not long after returning to the States, I found myself standing in front of a mirror in my home admiring my beautiful gown and pendant when I heard the Holy Spirit speak to my heart.

Donate your pendant to the Operation Care auction.

“What? Surely, I’m hearing things . . . not my beautiful pendant.”

Donate your pendant to the Operation Care auction.

“Are you sure, God? Look how beautifully it matches my dress.”

Donate your pendant to the Operation Care auction.

God’s command was loud and clear.

“Okay Lord, if this is what you want.”

The initial hesitation I felt quickly disappeared, and I willingly and joyfully agreed, giving everything I had left with a very joyful heart—just like the story of the widow’s mite in the Bible. She gave everything she had plus her heart. Serving my Lord with unconditional obedience was—is—my goal.

Now, the pendant I donated had raised seven thousand dollars! More important, it was bought by a new friend and supporter of the Operation Care family. Praise God!

I said good-bye to a precious piece of jewelry and hello to an even more precious new friend. I knew this was God’s plan. After the auction event, this new friend and his wife invited me to lunch. Week after week we tried to set a time that worked for all of us, yet week after week our schedules conflicted. It wasn’t until Thanksgiving Day that we could celebrate with his family at a friend’s house. We all had a wonderful time of fun and fellowship. When it was time to go, he and his wife walked me to my car. As we passed his truck, they abruptly stopped.

“Wait, Susie. We have something for you.”

He reached into his truck, pulled out a tote bag and handed it to me.

“What’s this?” I hadn’t anticipated a gift. Spending Thanksgiving with these wonderful people had been blessing enough.

“Open it.” They smiled.

I pulled out the square wooden box that was nestled inside the tote bag and opened it.

“My pendant!” I shouted, as my heart skipped a beat and tears of happiness filled my eyes.

“I bought it for my wife, but she said it belongs to you!”

I embraced my brother and sister in Christ, thanking them and thanking Jesus.

I’m certain now that God didn’t allow us to have lunch together sooner because He wanted me to remember that very special Thanksgiving Day and to know that His thoughts are higher than our thoughts; His ways are higher than our ways. He had this miracle in mind from the start! Just like the story about the widow who gave Elijah her flour in a jar and a little oil in a jug, God showed me that when we willingly obey and give with a joyful heart, He will always provide—sometimes in miraculous ways.

But the story doesn’t end there.

As members of the ECFA, Operation Care takes great pride in being financially responsible, and when our Auditor recorded the seven thousand dollars as income re­ceived, he informed me that even though the pendant had later been gifted back to me, that I was still able to claim the seven thousand dollars as a personal donation on my tax return. And because of that, it appeared the IRS now owed me! Clearly, God is in control, and I praise Him for who He is—a loving God of miracles.

Mastering a Miracle Mindset

Sometimes we gain the ability to see a miracle only after we have lost something valuable to us. Have you lost or been forced to give up someone or something precious in your life? If so, has it been possible for you to see God’s miraculous hand through the difficult time?

What is your Miracle Mindset for Today?

 Clovercroft Publishing, released in 2015, and the ISBN is 978-1-940262-83-3. Price is $12.99.

Susie Y. Jennings is Founder and President of Operation Care International. A Registered Nurse by profession since 1978, Susie stepped out in faith and obedience to God’s calling leading to her resignation from a supervisory position at Baylor University Medical Center Dallas in January 2011. She then become a full time missionary to those in need. Susie continues to lead OCI with the help of a board of directors and a multitude of volunteers.

You can read more about Susie’s ministry Operation Care International and her book, 31 Days of Moutain Top Miracles at Amazon.


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My Priceless Wedding Ring Transformed into a Beautiful Pendant