My Name is Ceekay and I Am a Blogger

By on April 9, 2011

By Ceekay Krupnik –

I have never been a socialite or a debutante…but I am a blogger.

And as often as I share that information, invariably, someone will ask, what is a blogger?

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For those of us who did not grow up beating Mario on a video game or think that a cell phone is another appendage…blogging, simply put, is an online journal.

Don’t feel alone.  Four years ago I never heard the word blog.  Doctors and friends encouraged to write my feeling in a journal.  I tried, but the words seem empty and flat on the paper page.  About the same time, I found a few blogs while surfing the web.  Finally, I figured out that these were diaries, or journals, just written online.

Oooh, that seemed a little scary.  Did I want my words, my thoughts, out for anyone to read? And why would anyone want to read a blog of mine?

I decided to jump in and started my blog Thinkin’ of Home.  I chose to write about what I loved most…decorating my home.  I started not knowing how to add a picture and I certainly didn’t know what a link to another blog was!  But I learned bit by bit, by trial and error.  And surprisingly, people were visiting my blog, and leaving me encouraging comments.  I started having regular visitors, and yes, eventually blogging friends.

Blogging has opened the world to me.  Since having to take a medical retirement, it has given me challenges and opportunities that I would not have had just writing a paper journal.  When I didn’t feel like doing a tablescape for a post, I did it anyways, because it was fun and gave me something to look forward to!

There are so many talented people in blogland.  I am constantly inspired to try a craft I haven’t tried before.  I am encouraged to write my feelings and sometimes, frustrations in print, always to be uplifted by comments from people I have never and may never meet in person.

I enjoy being a Blogger….would you like to join me?

Ceekay Krupnik is a wife, mother, grandmother and author of two blogs – and

About CeeKay

I am a wife of 37 years, mom of two, and grandma to two enjoying life in Buckeye, AZ. We have a dog named Bentley, or he has us! I have always enjoyed decorating my home. Now that my husband and I are empty nesters, we are enjoying being able to "fix things" the way we want them! I enjoy reading decorating magazines, going shopping, and rearranging things in my home. I worked outside the home as a legal secretary and continued working until I was diagnosed with Ovarian cancer in October 2006. Currently, I am fighting the battle of and for my life. Life is wonderful, but at times, difficult. The Lord has been faithful to me through all stages in my life. I pray to be faithful to Him. I love being home and enjoying time with my wonderful husband. Together we enjoy eating out at restaurants (my cooking of choice!) and cruising.

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My Name is Ceekay and I Am a Blogger