How Makeup Routines Change as Women Mature

By on November 15, 2018
How Makeup Routines Change as Women Mature

When it comes to makeup for women of all ages, everyone has an opinion—some say that society pressures women to live up to certain standards of beauty, while makeup enthusiasts say that wearing makeup is confidence-boosting part of women’s lifestyles.

While not every woman wears makeup, a 2017 study says that most women who do wear makeup do it simply because they like it, and because they feel that beauty can be empowering.

As women age, however, their makeup goals change. For instance, while a woman in her early 20s might strive to have her makeup make her look more mature, older women tend to want the opposite—to have their makeup help them appear younger.

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“Don’t get confused—we’re not talking about a 60-year-old woman wanting to look 20 “, said company founder Jerome Alexander. “Let’s say a 60-year-old woman would like to look 40ish. This is a goal for many women; they strive to look a little younger.”

The concept of the “perfect face” has long been described as oval-shaped, with perfect facial symmetry. Since there is no perfect face in the real world, women use makeup to correct imperfections, which every woman has, and present a stronger impression of shape, color and symmetry.

“I find that women don’t want a true transformation. What they want is a correction, just enhancing their features,” Alexander said.

Another important thing to know about women as they mature and reach their 50s is that they don’t want to spend an hour or more “putting on their face.” When women reach a certain age, they tend to want and want to incorporate a routine that fits into their schedule, rather than squeezing their daily routine around an elongated process of getting ready in the morning—or for a night out.

“I find that as they get older, women want to make things easier. I find that mature women generally want a quick fix—they don’t want to fuss.”

So we know that once women reach a certain age, they’d generally prefer to streamline their beauty routine than complicate it. Additionally, women 50 and older often find a daily skincare routine cumbersome and time consuming: multiple creams to protect and moisturize often end up seldom-used, cluttering the bathroom counter or vanity.

That’s where the idea for Jerome Alexander Cosmetics’ Skincare Makeup™ came from. By including nourishing, skin-friendly ingredients within the makeup, women can actually enhance their skin and their natural beauty at the same time. They can effectively eliminate their daily skincare routine by combining both routines using the active ingredients in Jerome Alexander products.

Jerome Alexander formulated his Magic Minerals line to include active levels of a proprietary peptide blend to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles, plus an intense dose of hyaluronic acid which keeps skin plump, hydrated and looking young all day long. Remember, you don’t have to use makeup to transform yourself into a totally different person—just enhance your natural beauty and help cover up those imperfections that all women have.

Jerome Alexander is a cosmetics industry innovator who has brought professional beauty products into the homes of women for more than 50 years.


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How Makeup Routines Change as Women Mature