Losing Belly Fat Without Special Diet and Intense Exercise

By on November 8, 2015

You know that diet and exercise is the power couple when it comes to losing weight. However, spending hours in the gym and paying for meal plans delivered on your doorstep are not the only ways to shed unwanted pounds. Sometimes, all you need is to incorporate simple weight loss tricks to start slimming down.

Metabolism and Weight Loss

There are people who find it difficult to lose weight and blame it on metabolism. By definition, metabolism is the process wherein your body converts what you eat and drink into energy. The calories from food and drinks combine with oxygen to release a certain amount of energy your body needs for proper function.

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However, weight loss is not dependent on your body’s ability to burn fat alone. In fact, losing weight is a combination of hormones, genetic makeup, diet, and lifestyle. Too much or too little of these factors creates an imbalance in your body. You could either gain weight because you eat more calories than your body burns or burn fewer calories than you eat.

Tips and Tricks to Lose Weight without Diet and Exercise

Metabolism is crucial in managing your weight. However, don’t depend on this alone. You also need to supply metabolism with a little help from other weight loss tricks. The good news is there are ways to help you lose weight without physical activities and restricting your diet on whole grains and banana.

These are:

Drink enough cold water

Water is good for your overall health. More than keeping you and your skin hydrated, drinking water could help you lose weight as well. Drinking water boosts your metabolism because the body works harder to warm up the liquid. It also keeps you feel full, thereby limiting your snack time.

Keep a food diary

Do you want to keep track of what goes inside your body? Then keeping a food diary won’t fail you. Every day, write down or take a picture of everything you eat. Before the day ends, review your food diary and see where you can cut back. According to a study from University of Wisconsin – Madison, looking at photographed pictures made the participants realize they could skip the unhealthy snack or cut back on the serving size, which made them lose extra pounds.

Consider plant-based diet

A plant-based diet is another way to lose belly fat without trying too much. Start by replacing one of your meals with vegetarian options. You can also add healthy meat alternatives like tofu and edamame beans for protein. Add more fish for omega-3 fatty acid content. You can also try Garcinia Cambogia often called as Malabar tamarind – a small tropical fruit – to help you jumpstart a plant-based diet.

Drink green tea

Don’t you ever wonder why most Asians are skinny? Their physiological makeup could be the reason, plus regular intake of green tea. Studies show that drinking green tea increases your metabolism, which can add up to 400 calories more burned in a week. At the same time, green tea has antioxidant powers to help keep your weight at bay.

Get enough sleep

How many hours of sleep do you get at night? If you are getting less than five hours every night, then you are at risk of reaching for that bar of chocolate or opening a pack of chips to keep you energized. Lack of sleep triggers hunger hormones to take over your body and encourages you to eat more, especially sugary and processed food. Therefore, hit the sack for at least six to eight hours every night.

Control your eating habits

Even if you are not following a strict diet, this doesn’t mean you can eat whatever you want at whatever serving your body prefers. Mindful eating or listening to your body for hunger and satiety cues is a good practice. It could take your brain some time – and practice – to get the habit of knowing how much it takes until you are full so make sure to listen to your body cues.

More importantly, keep your weight expectations realistic. These tricks could help you lose weight. However, it will take some time before your body burns enough calories and see an improvement in your waistline. Be patient.

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Losing Belly Fat Without Special Diet and Intense Exercise