Look Out for These Scams This Christmas

By on November 11, 2021
scams this Christmas

Shipping delays and supply chain disruptions mean shopping early this year is key. With all the uncertainty and shortages, it is the perfect storm for scammers to take advantage of women over 50 like us. To overcome this fraud and scams this Christmas while ensuring that you provide the gifts for your loved ones this year we have some tips. 

Be Aware of the Most Common Scams

It may seem like an innocuous tech support call, a strange request from a budding romance, or even an imposter – but don’t let it fool you. Take a moment to review their story. If something seems off,” it’s likely fraud. Also, take time to educate older adults, kids, and teens about what to look for.

Don’t Click

Be wary of phishing emails and avoid clicking on links from unreliable sources. For example, only access your bank account via the Mobile app or official website. Before you click on links and images in an email, look at the email address that the email came from.

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Keep Your Personal Information Personal

Your bank will never ask for your username or password when they reach out. If someone asks for it, immediately end the conversation and report it to your bank. Always tell the person that you will phone the call center. You can be guaranteed by phoning out to the bank.

Protect Your Money

Never transfer money to someone claiming to be from your bank or demanding funds for urgent help or protection. It’s likely a scam.

Don’t Be Intimidated

Scammers often threaten to close or suspend your account if you don’t take immediate action. Your bank will never use such tactics when contacting you about your account.

Beware of buying gifts online

Before buying from an online store, consider how you found them. Shop a quality holiday gift guide. You can also check the website authority, age, and traffic. eCommerce stores that have not been operating for a long period are more likely to be a front for scammers.

You may be desperate to get that gift for your loved one, but a deal that is “too good to be true” most likely is. Save yourself the drama and risk and look somewhere else.

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Look Out for These Scams This Christmas