Lance Armstrong: Successes And Sabotages

By on October 23, 2012

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Lance Armstrong and I have a couple successes and sabotages that we share in common. Although I have not accomplished ANYWHERE the magnitude of what he has, I am equally passionate about bringing out the over-comer in those around me. I admire that he has attempted to live a Bold life that influences others and encourages them to press through victimizing circumstances. I believe that is worthy of affirmation and respect.

Like Lance I have also failed to navigate crucial opportunities in my life for spiritual growth. I was found out lacking a most essential character trait. Humility combined with ownership. I don’t know Lance personally but I imagine the constant pressure to be the best was a temptation that he was not able to overcome. Here are some things I have learned from the many years I sabotaged my own greatness before God. I pray daily for the grace to navigate this now as a wife, mother and faith based business owner:

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There is only one true over-comer and his name is Jesus Christ. He was the first LIVE STRONG model. If we finish strong it is only because he paid the price. If you are building an overcoming identity on anything else than the word of God, you are building on sinking sand. Revelations 12:11 says: “We have overcome through the blood of the lamb and the word of our testimony and we love out lives not even unto death”.

I have been blessed with a bit of grace on my life for persistence. However, all my best efforts have always led me to striving, vain competition and a disappointed heart. When I cut corners and compromised, the disconnect from God was terrible and it left me isolated from those I was in closest covenant with.

I found that without true humility and authenticity, I sabotaged myself and my attempts to serve people was nullified. People never needed me to be super-human, they needed inspiration and to be activated into their greatness.

I believe God LOVES when we lead and step out boldly to defend just causes. Cancer is a modern day plague. However,  without the personal leadership and integrity, our attempts to be a conduit for wealth for those who need defending ends up creating conflict for them.

Although Armstrong has accomplished so many “good” things for so many people, when we do not lead an authentic life, it undermines our true authority and influence. We not only are stripped of our accomplishments but something far more dangerous occurs. When we fail the humility test, those who seek to live humble and accountable lives before God have to separate from us to keep in integrity.

So, here are my suggestions if you want to build successes and not sabotages:

1. Go to God and ask for the grace to repent in an authentic way. The root of pride is fear. Ask God to give you the strength and grace to receive more of his affirmation and love so you can resist worldly wealth.

2. Go the people that you are in closest relationship to and ask them to forgive you and pray for you. You will need to have  the ability to repent publicly without being overwhelmed by the shame of being found out. There will also be people who will choose to not forgive you and condemn you and that will be painful.

3. Take some time off for your heart to be healed properly and to build authentically with healthy people. Healthy people do not resist accountability, Even the best leaders have coaches, mentors, and spiritual accountability. You need one now more than ever. Get at least 2 or 3 people in your life that will know your weaknesses and love you anyway.

Let us use this time of press coverage of Lance’s failures to examine all of our own lives and seek the accountability we need before God to be able to pursue BOLD goals and LIVE STRONG for HIM.

What are you thoughts on pursuing your dream in an authentic way?


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Lance Armstrong: Successes And Sabotages