Nine Keys to Thriving Through the Holidays!

By on November 28, 2012

Did you know that Thriving is an attitude? It’s a choice? It’s a perspective on life that enables you to look up, even in tough times? And it’s a way of living that God wants for you?

Whether you live in the US or somewhere around the globe, you’re heading into a season of preparations and decorations, the malls. But this time of year can also flood you with feelings of being alone, overwhelmed, pressured, or having too much to do and too little time to do it all.

Whatever your situation, God wants you to remember a foundational key to Thriving:

HE IS FOR YOU! (Romans 8: 31-39). He wants you to THRIVE.

His desire is that you experience an inner sense of well-being, peace, joy, purpose, and spiritual connection with Him, not just during the holidays but in every season of your life.

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To Thrive, recognize it is God’s idea—but He has also given you a part to play !

God wants to bless you with life-strengthening joy, peace that provides quiet confidence, and endless hope, assurance and comfort. These, and many other powerful attitudes and faith responses are part of His desire for you as recorded in Scripture. But God doesn’t wave a magic wand. For this to happen, you have a part to play.

To help you move toward a life that reverberates with a sense of well-being and that spiritually flourishes even in hard places, reflect on the following. These key ingredients will also help you Thrive through the holidays!

  1. Know who you really are—valued, unique and accepted by God.
  2. Spend focused intentional time with God in the way that works with your unique bent.
  3. Take care of your Temple—your body and mind are vehicles for experiencing God.
  4. Forgive others who have hurt you or ones you love. Get free so God can bless you.
  5. Face and erase shaming statements and experiences. Let God’s love heal your heart.
  6. Refuse to live bound by anxiety and fear. Grow in trusting God’s promises.
  7. Weed out a grumbling attitude and cultivate a warm and generous spirit.
  8. Learn to say NO so you can say YES to God’s best.
  9. Give yourself permission to go for your God-given dream.

If you’ll practice these nine responses, your life will be blessed with more joy, more strength, more hope. I know because these are God’s promises.

Won’t you pray over them and see which ones the Holy Spirit is impressing on your heart? He wants to encourage and inspire you to be the woman He knows you can be because He loves and values you. Your life matters to Him—and to me.

Blessings from my heart to yours.


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Nine Keys to Thriving Through the Holidays!