Key Ways to Cut Costs in Your Laundry

By on July 22, 2020

If you’re getting ready to retire and will need to stick to a strict budget over the coming years, it’s essential to look at various ways you can reduce expenses in and around your home. Many people don’t pay much attention to annual costs related to the laundry room, but this is one space where you can actually cut costs and help yourself to have more money to spend in other areas. Little changes in every part of the home can add up to significant savings all up, so check out these tips to help get you started.

Wash Sensibly

For starters, reduce expenses by washing sensibly. For example, don’t use your washing machine until you have a full load, so you’re not unnecessarily wasting water or electricity. Instead of running half-empty loads every day or two, wait until you can use your machine at capacity. 

If you feel that full loads aren’t applicable because you have items to wash in different colors, keep in mind that mixing light and dark may not be as much of an issue as you think. When you’ve washed clothes, sheets, towels, etc. many times, they typically no longer lose color. As such, you can often wash mixed loads safely, with no color seepage to worry about.

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When you use your washing machine, also try to stick with cold water cycles wherever possible. Most clothing and other items these days cope fine with cold water. Plus, unless you have goods that are particularly stained or dirty, you don’t need to worry about using hot water to get things clean. Washing machines are so powerful and efficient now that cold water does the trick. 

Furthermore, consider choosing shorter cycles whenever you can. If you’re like most people, the things in your laundry basket have only been worn a couple of times and aren’t very dirty. As such, a shorter cycle short be plenty and will save water and power. 

Another way to cut costs is to use your clothes dryer only when you really have to. Driers can use a lot of electricity, so try to air-dry most times. Even if the weather isn’t so great outside, you can hang your gear on collapsible drying racks inside. All of these choices add up over the long term to considerable savings.

Keep Machines in Good Condition

To save money when it comes to your washer and dryer, choose quality brands in the first place, particularly those that are more energy-efficient. Then, look after your machines well, so they last longer and run properly. The more efficient appliances operate, the less power they’ll use over time, and the kinder they’ll be to your clothes, too.

Find a reputable dryer or washer specialist online, such as through places like repair Google or Yelp, to perform maintenance and repairs annually. If your machines aren’t working, have strange sounds or smells, or are causing leaks or other issues, get them attended to ASAP. Doing this will also reduce the risk of big problems occurring, such as machines catching fire or flooding your home, which can cost you a lot of money. Be sure to clean your appliances regularly, and empty the lint from your dryer after each use, too.

Reduce Your Spending on Cleaning Products

It may not seem like it would make much of a difference, but you’d be surprised how much money you’ll save over the years if you spend less on your cleaning products. If you have a large family, you’ll particularly notice the difference. 

For example, cut costs by making your own laundry detergent. This job isn’t as hard or as time-consuming as you may think, and you’ll find plenty of DIY recipes online and in books to guide you. Using homemade detergent is said to save between ten to 20 cents per load, which adds up quickly when you wash multiple times per week.

If you don’t want to go down this route, you can still reduce expenses by buying more affordable store products. Choose generic brands, as today’s no-name options are generally just as good as costly ones and come in a range, including those that are better for the environment or made for sensitive skin.

A few small actions, such as the ones listed above, can soon add up to significant savings for your household. It doesn’t take too much effort to change your processes and enjoy the benefits that come with it.

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Key Ways to Cut Costs in Your Laundry