How to Shine in the Spotlight

By on March 1, 2014

From the Editors of Fabric Care Solutions

Who among us hasn’t envied how calm, cool, and beautiful celebrities look as they walk the red carpet? If you’ve ever wished you could grab some of their star wattage and put it to use in your own life, now’s your chance. Here’s how to kick up your confidence for your next big event—whether it’s a big presentation at work or a fancy night out—and shine in the spotlight.Trust your personal style. Don’t just wear the newest trend because it’s, well, the newest trend. Pick an outfit that makes you feel amazing, one that allows you to move with ease and comfort and that telegraphs the vibe you’re going for—be it professional and polished or elegant and sexy. And go easy on the extras: Pick one eye-catching piece of jewelry or a gorgeous pair of heels, then choose other accessories that are more understated.

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Give your senses a treat. While you’re getting ready for your special event, crank up some mood-boosting tunes and light a scented candle. Uptempo music and a wonderful scent will help you prepare for whatever the day or night might hold.

Keep your makeup simple. After applying foundation and concealer where needed, do some subtle sculpting of your face by dabbing a soft rosy blush under your cheekbones. Then, choose whether you want to go with dramatic eyes, such as a smoky shadow and liner, or brightly colored lips. And don’t forget to toss some translucent powder or blotting sheets in your bag for quick, shine-removing touch-ups, as necessary.

Carry yourself confidently. Your mother was right! Posture counts: Stand tall with your head held high, your chest lifted, and your shoulders back. Relax your jaw, keep your chin slightly lifted, and make friendly eye contact during conversation. And whatever you do, smile subtly, as if you have a juicy secret you’re just dying to tell.

Visualize yourself rocking your performance. Before the big event, mentally rehearse the way you want to come across and how you’d like the presentation, interview, or romantic dinner to unfold. Picture how you’ll look, what you’ll say, and how you’ll feel. Chances are very good (dare we say excellent?) that you’ll create the positive outcome you envision!

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How to Shine in the Spotlight