How to Bond with Your Grandchildren Using Technology

By on March 1, 2016

Creating a strong bond between grandchildren and grandparents is beneficial to both parties. Children begin to view their grandparents as role models and mentors, and oftentimes, they trust and confide in grandparents more than their actual parents! When grandparents stay close to their grandkids, they lead more active and engaged lives, learn new skills, and find a whole new purpose to life. Luckily, technology has made it very easy for grandparents and their grandkids to stay connected. Here are just a few ways to strengthen that precious bond:

Start early.

Before grandchildren are even old enough to have their own social media accounts, grandparents can emotionally connect with them using technological advancements such as FaceTime or Skype, two video chat services. Once they get a little older, you don’t have to end the video chat sessions! No matter their age, if you’re physically located far away from grandchildren, you’ll be able to see them grow up before your eyes thanks to the power of technology. With these services, you’ll never miss seeing them blow out the candles on their birthday cake or other major milestones because you can be video chatting with them at any time!


Set up social media pages.

Setting up social media pages allows you to stay in touch and bond with your grandchild even when you’re not around. You’ll be able to see new pictures and updates in their lives without having to pick up the phone. If there are more than few family members all connected on Facebook, ask your grandchild to set up a Facebook group for your family so you can privately share pictures and memories together. Another benefit of setting up social media pages? Most grandparents rely on their grandkids to teach them how to do it, so getting started will be a bonding experience all on its own!

Once you become more familiar with social media, you’ll also be able to take on the important role of protector by keeping an eye out for any cyberbullying or inappropriate behavior on your grandchild’s page.

How to Bond With Your Grandchildren Using Tech 2

Play games.

Whether you’re thousands of miles apart or sitting side-by-side, playing games together will bring you and your grandchild closer together. Download apps on your phone such as Draw Something or Word Scramble that will allow you and your grandchild to battle head to head in a friendly competition. Or, if you want to turn learning into a fun experience, try tackling online games such as Mathblaster or Webkinz with your grandchild.


Thinking of sending a quick note to remind your grandkid how much you love him or her? Do it through e-mail! Communicate with your grandchildren via e-mail to share jokes, send pictures or just check in to see how he or she is doing. Kids are connected to the internet and their e-mail accounts at all hours in today’s society, so it’s important to be active with e-mail in order to stay connected to them.

Even though using some kinds of technology or social media may seem complicated, once you get started, it becomes easier and easier to understand. Technology has made it a million times easier for grandparents to grow closer with their grandchildren, so don’t waste this golden opportunity!


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How to Bond with Your Grandchildren Using Technology