Home Comforts: How To Take Them With You When Camping

By on July 15, 2019

Long gone are the days when camping meant freezing your unmentionable off and sitting wet, depressed and bored. There are so many ways these days to enhance the camping experience with a whole series of different setups and products you can get your hands on. If you can even emulate a few of your home comforts then it can make the trip’s enjoyment several times better, especially if you are taking the family including grand-kids.

 Getting Online

 I wouldn’t want to recommend spending your whole week’s vacation sitting on the internet or watching Netflix, you do want to get out there and do the tourist thing or what’s the point in being away from home? But in the evenings or when relaxing at the campsite you’ll want to be able to play music or watch something then it can really help, especially if you have young kids in tow who will have an early bed-time. So there are a couple of good options, you can invest in a mobile broadband router and these come in pay as go type or alternatively where you take out a contract for 12 or 24 months with varying prices and monthly allowances. Before going and purchasing a router though you should check what kind of data allowance your cell phone has as there is a function to turn your device into a mobile router, so if you have spare data allowance then you can use this up at no extra cost first. There are also many campsites that offer free WiFi as part of your fee to use the site.

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 Best Type Of Bed

 What type of camping bed is most comfortable for camping? There are three types, foam mats or mattresses, air beds or camp beds. The foam mats are very much the most basic type and are valued for being lightweight so basically good for hiking and walking trips, not the best for comfort. Air beds can give you a very comfy night’s sleep, providing that they don’t deflate overnight. But in comparison camp beds are firmer and more stable, they don’t deflate but they do take up a lot more room in storage and during transport.

 Toilet Facilities

There is nothing worse than being away and there are no toilet facilities or, even worse, poor quality and unclean ones. So why not consider bringing your own portable camping toilet and at least this way you know it’s just you and your family who have been using it.

 Portable Furniture

Clearly, you’ll want somewhere to sit when camping, but these days you can go so much further than simply bringing those tired old camping chairs. There is a whole array of different types of furniture and you can really make it as elaborate as your budget and space allows for. You can get inflatable sofas and armchairs, picnic tables, hammocks, and a whole load more.

 Good Cooking Set-Up

 If you are minded to be making your own meals as opposed to eating out every lunch and dinner you will want to have a good camp kitchen set-up. You need a good cooking station to be able to have a firm preparation surface to chop and peel. Most modern camping stoves come with a double burner and grill giving enough space to make a proper meal. Nothing beats a bit of home cooking for comfort.


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Home Comforts: How To Take Them With You When Camping