The High Pressure of Valentine’s Day

By on February 6, 2013

By Janelle Alberts –

For strong, smart, critical-thinking Christian women, Valentine’s Day can be a lot of pressure. We throw our shoulders back, chin up, and ridicule the silliness of all that sentiment. Affection. Overkill.

We’re too smart for that. We know we stand a chance only if we stick with God. We mean it as encouragement. “Stick with God! It doesn’t matter how you feel. You’re with God! Emotions aside and stick with God.”

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I imagine God’s still small voice responds with something like, “Who are you talking about?”

The pendulum swing that has resulted from today’s feelings-oriented culture has evangelicals positioning God as one who does not care about feelings – only faith.

Says who?

Not Moses. It is true God was irritated with Moses’ I-don’t-want-to-face-Pharaoh stall tactics, but God still let Brother Aaron go too.


Because God is personal. In personal relationships, your feelings matter to the ones who love you.

And nobody loves you like God.

Gideon got this. He was readying himself to fight the Midianites when God said to him, “But if you are afraid…”

The sentence gives me pause. Wait. Really? We’re allowed to feel afraid? But what man of God feels afraid?

A human.

“But if you are afraid…” God said and then walked Gideon through a series of steps to be encouraged just before standing up to peer pressure of the Midianite kind.

If God offered it to Gideon, He offers it to you. Be encouraged. This is a God who told Jeremiah to stand at the crossroads and the reward would be rest for his soul.


So this Valentine’s Day, enjoy your loved ones and your friends. But remember it is God who holds you in the hollow of His hand. Let Him remind you of His affection and His sentiment toward you.

No pressure.

About Janelle Alberts

Janelle Alberts spent her early career managing crisis communication needs for Microsoft, UPS and Wells Fargo. Alberts joined the Akron Beacon Journal online religion page in the summer of 2010. Alberts sets out in The Bible Book Club to observe the messaging strategy of one historical icon who is consistently quoted but inconsistently represented – God and His world’s best-selling book, the Bible. You can find Janelle at

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The High Pressure of Valentine’s Day