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By on June 2, 2011

By Scarlett De Bease –

As the summer heat arrives, the temptation to wear less to stay cool is as high as the temperature is rising. Which reminds me of the song, and famous ad campaign titled Who Wears Short Shorts? Hopefully no one over 50, or is on the job and networking to increase her business, income, or status. Here are a few Do’s and Don’ts to make your warm weather looks appropriate and keep your cool:

• Shorts that fall anywhere above the knee are simply not acceptable office attire, no matter how hot it may be. Shorts that fall at the knee, sometimes called Bermuda shorts, or below as in capris, paired with flat sandals or shoes, keep your look appropriate. At 5 p.m. throw on a pair of strappy (high-heeled) sandals, and you are ready for cocktails and dinner.

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• Fuller cut skirts, once again nothing above the knee, paired with lower heeled shoes will not only keep you cool, but also keep you looking current with this years fashion trends.

• Pants worn with sandals or flats keep you comfortable, and remember that flip-flops are never acceptable at work.


• Short or cap sleeve tops that are loose fitting will work with any bottom and still look appropriate and professional.

• Tunics worn with pants are a beautiful and classic look.

• T-shirts and strappy tank tops are not to be worn in the office.

• Stay away from low cut tops unless you pair a tank underneath the top in order to reduce the cleavage factor.


• Dresses are an excellent choice for warm weather. Just be sure to follow the same guidelines as in the tops and bottoms. The dress should be no shorter than knee length and not have thin straps.

• Try to only wear cotton or linen, not polyester, when it is warm, as these fabrics will keep you much cooler.


• Wear less makeup on those dog days of summer, and avoid products that have a shimmer to them, as the last look you want in the heat is shine.

• A mineral powder foundation will hold up to the heat, far better than a liquid one, as will a powder blush compared to a cream blush.

• Line and fill in your lips with lip pencil and top them off with a tinted gloss. Avoid heavy lipsticks as not only do they melt in your bag, but they can melt on your lips as well.

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Scarlett De Bease is a Professional, Image Consultant, and Wardrobe Stylist and is a member of the Association of Image Consultants International. She will show you What to Wear, so you will always know What Not to Wear!

Scarlett specializes in showing women how to save time and money by giving them the skills and confidence to look and feel beautiful every day.

About Scarlett De Bease

Scarlett is a professional Image Consultant and the founder of The always Know What To Wear System. For over 6 years, she has successfully changed the lives of many women, by showing them the correct clothes, colors, styles and accessories that will flatter them the most. If you keep buying clothes and still have nothing to wear, Scarlett will make it possible for you to always know what to wear. You can find her

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How To Feel & Look Cool