Do Your Beliefs Affect Your Life?

By on October 15, 2013

The phrase grabbed my attention, “Abraham believed God” (Romans 4:3).

What did he believe? And what difference did it make in his life?

Abraham’s belief in God’s promise that he would have descendants as numerous as the sand and the stars embedded itself deep within his heart. The years rolled by, yet in spite of no evidence it would ever happen, he believed God.  That belief, anchored in the reality of a God who called him and interacted with his life, formed the bedrock of his relationship with God. It has also provided every follower of the Living God with a manual for spiritual growth! (Read Reaching Higher for more principles of the faith journey.)

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Three simple words “Abraham believed God” prompted me to ask myself, What do I believe? And do my beliefs make a difference in my life?  I quickly jotted down eight that impact my thinking, attitudes, and actions:

  1. God Loves Me.  This is the most basic teaching of the Bible, but has it sunk in?
  2. God Wants My Best. Knowing that His best is sometimes very different from what I want helps me look for God’s hand in difficult situations.
  3. God Knows My Heart. He implanted the desires of my soul and the gifts He intends me to use. They are good and given to accomplish His purposes.
  4. God Knows My Limits. I am human. I have physical and emotional limits. I can do all He wants me to do, but I am not called or equipped to save the world.
  5. God is All-Wise. He directs my steps. He open and shuts doors. He speaks to my mind and heart, prompting me to wait, act, or seek counsel.
  6. God Calls Me to Pray. I am not to passively ignore or assume God’s will is done in my own or another’s life. I am to ask, seek, knock—for wisdom, power, and life-change.
  7. God is All-Powerful. Actively believing that God has the power to do what He has promised is to walk in Abraham’s footsteps (Romans 4:20). It increases my faith and causes me to watch for God-signs.
  8. God Wants My Life to Be Fruitful. He promises that as I abide, dwell, draw from Him and intentionally live a yielded life, my life will bear spiritual fruit. Not only will I be changed more and more into His likeness, He will lead me into the good works He has planned for me (Ephesians 2:10).

There are many other core beliefs that guide my life, but what about you?

What core beliefs do you have?  And how do they affect your daily perspective on life. Make a comment below. I’d love to hear what Biblical truths guide your life.




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Do Your Beliefs Affect Your Life?